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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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I'm approximately 3 or 4 dpo today. Didn't use Opks, didn't temp, just noticed it got slippery with ewcm and did the deed a few days. The craziness was getting to me. My charts always suck. We bd'd until cm turned creamy so hopefully we have a chance this cycle. If not, next month will be the 1 year mark of trying for #2. For those who don't know me. I've been on this site since 2013. It took me nearly 4 years for my 1st baby, and it's not looking like it'll happen fast with #2. But I try to remind myself that when I did get pregnant with my daughter it was a month with no fertility meds, no temping, no IUI, just good ole fashioned love making with no reason behind it!


2 years ago

I think I got a positive OPK tonight. We did BD last night but should we do it tonight or could I wait until tomorrow? It was the first day of summer break for my kids and I'm worn out. I don't know if I'm in the mood lol. Maybe a quickie

Here's my OPK from tonight:

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2 years ago

Started bleeding yesterday evening, so now it's full flow. To top it off, I woke up with a small migrane.. Thankfully, my husband is taking our 5yo (soon 6) to visit his parents today so that I can relax and have some time for myself.

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2 years ago

Lissa Thank you so much girl! Your positive thoughts gives me so much courage! I really hope to have good results soon.
In our studio we have all kinds of dance. Kids ballet, contemporary, Latin-American & Ballroom Dancing, Greek traditional dances and so many more. I’ve been trained in ballet for about 13 years and then I fell in love with Ballroom dance which I’m doing for 18 years now but truly I’m teaching all kinds of classes!
I’m glad to see that you’re planning ahead of time but I really hope you won’t need your RE appointment! I have high hopes for you It will be so exiting to see a bfp from you in the next few days!!

Becca Hi and welcome!! Hopefully you wo t have to stick around for too long and you’ll be getting your bfp soon! Meanwhile we are all here for support and for help if we can!!!

Millbarnett You never know hun! As you said last time happened actually without any help or really trying.. Each cycle you could be pregnant and I really hope this will be the one!!!!! You totally deserve it!

Jessica if you can add a quickie it’s always one additional chance You’ve got this girl!! Good luck!

Pandorica Hopefully your alone time will do the job and you’ll be feeling better soon!!! Take this time off and in a few days you’ll be feeling ready to try again!!!

AFM AF is leaving slowly! Tomorrow is (cd 5 )my last day and I’m planing to start BDing on CD 7,9 and then 11,12 & 13. I usually O around CD 12! Let’s see if this pattern will do me any favors

Have a great weekend ladies

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2 years ago • Edited

Silent stalker , MC at 7 weeks
end of March 19, periods returned in April and i’m currently 8dpo, I gave in to temptation and tested this morning, though historically the earliest I get a line is 10dpo. I’m hoping to hold out until tuesday Fx for everyone

2 years ago

Just saw a post of a friend how happy she is with her pregnancy and showing her pregnant belly... Guys.. it hits me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
It starts with this burning sensation on my chest... continues with my heavy breathing and then.. here we go tears are running like crazy..... why can I just accept that people WILL get pregnant and it’s not their fault and it’s not mine either... I’m doing the best I can and still at moments like this I feel so useless and alone. I hate this.. I just hate this..

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2 years ago

@Alex - I can relate to the feeling, and it's totaly ok to feel like this. Remember, you're not alone. I can get that same feeling, but then I feel bad because I already have a child and there's so many out there that doesn't even hade one. When that happens I try to remember that my pain is my own and just because somebody has it worse than me, doesn't mean my pain aren't valid.

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2 years ago

Alex we are here for you...I will say a special prayer that The Lord Blesses you with a baby soon soon. It’s natural and human nature to have those feelings. It is not you fault and I believe it will happen for you.

Pan you put that very well. That’s the best explanation. Everyone pain and journey is theirs and it’s unique and valid. Thank you for that


2 years ago

Alex, you are allowed to feel what you feel. I do remember the strong need to have a baby before I had my kids. It can be a painful thing. I've only "known" you a few months but I've been rooting for you!

2 years ago

Hi ladies hope I’m ok to jump on this one too, think I will be due very early February atm, I did another digi on Friday at 13dpo which came up as 2-3 weeks so definitely think my hormone levels are rising and I’m hoping this little one sticks, nausa has kicked in big time too which is odd as I usually don’t get it till around 7 weeks. The children found out I’m pregnant over dinner today, it wasn’t planned but one of my twins blurred out he’d seen my test in my bathroom I really wanted to keep it a secret till we have a scan but it’s out the bag now, anyways good luck ladies, I’ll try keep up with all your posts xx

2 years ago

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