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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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@lalou you are definitely right. I at least know that I did O with the second round of even darker opks since the timing lines up. I'm a little disappointed that my LP didn't get any longer with the polyp gone. That's tough that they aren't sure what's going on and then you have to switch docs on top of it. Ovulating more often couldn't be a bad thing though right? My OB is thinking about starting me on clomid too to at least shorten my cycles. I hope it works for you!

@alex I am thinking about tracking just to see if anything if anything changes with my cycles now that the polyp is gone. But last summer when we weren't trying, my cycles had this perfect pattern of 30, 32, 30, 34, 30, 32 and the only difference is really that we're trying now. I was kind of thinking that not tracking might help me not stress which could be part of my problem. So I'm torn and I don't know which way to try it. I like having the information that tracking provides, but I also think just BDing every 2 to 3 days for my whole cycle might be easier mentally. I'm glad you are back to normal. Only a couple of months before those supplements take full effect!

3 years ago

Hi Jessica no not my first but every pregnancy has been different, and I’m super anxious after my early loss in February xx

3 years ago

I get that Emma! All 3 of mine were very different!

I'm starting to think that test wasn't super accurate. I'm not getting much on a FRER but I did get this on a dollar store one. I had to tweak it a bit though. I'm not too upset because I figured it was way too early for a positive! I'll just keep testing until AF shows. I don't think she will though. My boobs say otherwise lol.

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3 years ago

Hi everyone!

Joining in with hopes this is finally our month. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in February via laparoscopy, also had HSG & hysteroscopy. We were told that the 6 months following would be the best time for us to get pregnant. We didn’t BD until a month post lap and really didn’t consider ourselves TTC again until April.

LMP was 5/13. I’m currently 3 DPO and while I know it’s extremely early, I have noticed some “symptoms”

2 DPO - woke up with what felt like a cold, sore nipples, twinges on left side at night, creamy CM

3 DPO - still feeling like I have a cold (stuffy nose, head feels congested, coughing, sneezing a lot), sore nipples, body feels really hot (body temp is elevated), tired, bloated.

Will continue to update


3 years ago • Edited

Hi ladies! I’m just hoppin on to say hi and talk to some women in the same boat! My husband and I have been TTC since April of ‘18, I’ve had 2 chemical pregnancies within that time, and am just really hoping this will FINALLY be the month for us, though, today I’m 11 dpo and am starting to cramp a little, so, I’m trying not to get my hopes up since that’s always how AF announces her arrival :( Anyway, baby dust for all!!

3 years ago

Hello everyone. New to these boards but thought would be nice to chat with others in the same boat. Currently CD25. Got positive ovulation test 5/31 & 6/1. I have PCOS and am currently nursing our 20 Mo old. I have had 3 cycles so far pp. First was 120 days, second was 48 days,. And now if I ovulated on 6/1 this one would be about 38 or 39 days.

I don't know, but this cycle has been a little different got EWCM for 8 or 9 days before positive ovulation test. Breasts were super sore past couple days which is unusual for me even with nursing our lo. Then 6/1 around 5 to 630 pm started having some cramping/ mild pain in left pelvic area. So thinking may have been ovulation pains?

We have been ttc#4 since October before my cycle came back by using opts. For PCOS with 20 Mo old was on metformin 1500 mg. Dr upped it to 2250 but had been making me feel yucky so stopped them last cycle and didn't start back up yet. Taking prenatal vitamins. I will be starting vaginal progesterone suppositories on Monday once I get a chance to pick up my prescription.

DH works out of town a bit so try to time sex close to fertile window. With having many days of ewcm we had sex 5/28 and he came home 5/31 and got to have sex before went to bed around 1am 6/1.

If go by pains would be 1dpo 6/2. If we get pregnant we'd be due about 2/22/20.

Hoping have a chance this month as we're 41 and would love for our youngest to have a sibling close in age. Otherwise the other 2 from my previous marriage are 19 and 18 yrs old.

Good luck everyone!!

3 years ago

Kait If you think that staying away from tracking will calm your mind, then do it! This s the most important thing my doctor told me. Stay calm, stop stressing about it and stop tracking! He told me exactly “you’re driving yourself crazy.. you’re on a two week wait anxiously waiting when you’ll ovulate and after that you’re on a two week wait to see if you made it. This isn’t gonna work with so much stress on your system!” And he’s right tbh but personally I want to keep tracking just to have a general picture of things so Hopefully you’ll find what works best for you!

Jessica I really hope your tests will keep getting darker!

Nasa Hi! I’m one of the ladies that was so much symptom spotting in the past where I had all symptoms on the list and was never pregnant. I stopped symptom spotting a long time ago and I’ve noticed that it is all period related as well. Actually progesterone hormone rising after ovulation causes same symptoms pregnant or not because its role is to prepare the body for pregnancy. With that said I’m having my fingers crossed for you that your symptoms this time are indeed pregnancy related! Good luck!

Kgirlkaw and Crams welcome and good luck!!!

AFM I don’t know what’s happening with my O. I’m having normal O pains as every cycle and I was expecting to O today as usual. Last night I was 100% sure I might be Oing earlier based on pains but my opks second line last night was almost invisible. I said “ok.. tomorrow then as normal..” this morning my opk is still sooooo light.. wtf? Usually if it’s not super dark at CD12 and it’s one of the cycles I’m Oing later, at least it is close to positive. I’m thinking could it be cuz I’m having a lot more water than usual and my lh isn’t showing? My urine are not super diluted when I’m testing tho..

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3 years ago

Alex, for some reason I've had better luck taking OPKs at around 7 pm. They are always super light in the afternoon for some reason. What time do you take them?

3 years ago

Jessica usually my opks are showing late evening and morning. But not this so far! Hopefully tonight..

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3 years ago • Edited

Hello everyone,

Welcome to all the newbies. I am sorry it is hard to keep up but I will try harder. I just wanted to stop by and wish gL on everyone ovulating this week For sure @Alex that your opks tests will show better.
Fingers crossed for everyone else in the TWW.
AFM Testing exam tomorrow and also my birthday. I am turning 30!! I had a nice weekend with friends visiting from out of town. I feel very blessed. Thank you again everyone for the support. I hope to do better on my test tomorrow being the 2nd time around. Fingers crossed.

Keep up the faith and stay brave and positive.

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3 years ago

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