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Still can’t grasp what’s been going on the past two days.
First yesterdays vfl on a FRER then today I ran to Walmart’s to get more tests.

I tested negative on their cheapie .88 cent test. Stark white. Tossed that one.
Then I tested with an equate test... and look what I got!

Could it be line eyes?
I know blue dyes are notorious for false positives but this one is more clear than my FRER.

I didn’t feel nauseated today like I did yesterday.

I have notice that it is a little painful to go #2. TMI. but I’m not constipated but it feels like I’m passing shards of glass lol (hemorrhoids?)

Today, I noticed scant amount of brown/pinkish spotting, followed by sporadic mild cramping which then lead to lower back pain and ache.

Lower back pain is usually a sign of AF coming within two days but I’m still a week away (assuming my calculations are correct) from AF.

I also usually get small breakouts/blemishes around my chin/jawline a week before AF and I haven’t gotten any so far.

So here are my symptoms so far:
Malaise(felt like I was coming down with the flu)
Body aches.
Back pain/ache
Random dizzy spell.
Nausea that lasted a day.
No sex drive at all
2 VVFL on FRER and cheapie.
Mild cramping.
Small amount of spotting.

What do you ladies thinks?
Am I seeing things?

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Hey there! I can see what you’re seeing but honestly I don’t trust AT ALL blue dye tests. If I were you and needed to know what’s going on I would go buy some more pink dye ones. Hopefully you’ll be getting some darker lines in the next few days. Symptoms sounds promising even though our minds are often very powerful and can trick us to believe what we wishing for!
Fingers crossed that your next test will be a blazing BFP

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1 year ago

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