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5/16/19: Af started yesterday full flow. I’ve been taking dong quai, drinking acv water, and using my heating pad like crazy since cd 1 to make sure I don’t have any cysts.

5/17/19: No cysts and doc said I am ok to start femara tomorrow. I will take it at night and start charting bbt vaginally.

5/18/19: Will start charting bbt tomorrow morning. I now have the VIP fertility friend. Took my both of my 2.5mg each femara. 4 more days to go. Appt is on the 28th for another ultrasound. I have to start testing on the 26th with opks per doc request.

5/20/19: Tonight will be day 3 of my meds as of 10pm. So far I’m getting hot flashes, sex drive increase, ovary pain on both sides, I’m spacey, and tired.

5/26/19: Opk in the afternoon was negative after about a 3 hour hold. Brought tests at spur of the moment while visiting family.

5/27/19: Opk negative this morning, but very dark positive by around 2pm our local time. No more testing because I need to drink lots of water for good cm. It’s so creamy the past few days. Called the doc to let them know my Opk was blazing. We shall see how timing and the trigger work with our sway.

5/28/19: So ultrasound tech said there was no need to trigger this cycle unless we just wanted to. My right side didn’t really respond to the femara, but my left side had a 24 and 19 mm mature follicle. Looks like I may release 2 eggs. We bd at 11:10am. My opk this morning and each one after isn’t blazing like yesterday, so hoping that the darkest was yesterday along with the ultrasound tech saying I already dropped the eggs or am very close to doing it today is good enough for timing. After our bd, I orgasmed and inserted the soft cup. We used preseed to bd because I didn’t have like any ewcm. Bd again at 2:25pm with no softcup. Had big O both times. 3rd bd today at 11pm bd no O and got up to wipe up. Sooo much ovary pain today.

6/2/19: Temp dropped yesterday and then more today. Still way above the cover line. Threw up and had diarrhea in the middle of the night. Also had creamy cm mixes with ewcm.

6/3/19: This morning had cramps and diarrhea. Been so nauseated today and sleepy. Still cramping and my lower back hurts. Temp went up today a little. Head killing me and I feel this full pressure like feeling in my uterus. Today was just rough on my body for some reason.

6/4/19: Temp still high and looking great. I have a ton of ewcm mixed with creamy cm all day so far. Still a ton of cramps like af and in my back. Starting to feel more positive about this cycle. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

6/5/19: Bbt took a big jump today which was great to see. I will test in 2 more days. I’ve realized that the past few days I get nauseated and dizzy around 7pm. I thought it was eating meat or maybe my favorite body armor drinks. I’m so nervous about seeing a huge dip in the next 2 days. Nipples aren’t sore or anything yet.

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