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Implantation bleeding or period

Nexplanon removed 4/29

Sex on 4/29, 5/3, 5/10, one other time after.

Pink/mucus on the 4th

I ovulated between the 3rd and 6th according to my apps and my memory.

Nothing for major mucus changes up untill 5/16 which was pinkish/mucus mix again. I assumed my period came early so i put a lighter tampon in.

5/17 i went to change my tampon and noticed it was dried up and brown so switched to a pad that morning and by noon the brown/tannish stopped completely.

My period isn't to start till 5/20 as I'm regular. Yet nothing. The spotting stopped, mild cramping now, no other symptoms. No mucus changes.

Cervix was low for those 2 days and now climbing up a bit today.

My question is, Did i just have implantation bleeding or am i crazy?

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It sounds like IB to me. Take a test

4 months ago

@andi Hi! I noticed that you had posted your query in 4-5 different other people's posts, and glad you figured out a way to create your own; it can make people a bit sensitive. :-)

It is very very hard to confirm pregnancy via cervical position and mucus...your cervix moves throughout the day, and mucus can be affected by a number of things. With these two elements, the key is the possibility of spotting something COMPLETELY out of the ordinary...and this takes LOTS of time and tracking. I just got a positive test, and NOTHING about my CM or CP were different from my normal cycle findings. It's usually more helpful to track these along side other signs. Are you tracking anything else? How long have you been tracking?

That said, the early light bleeding is hopeful! As the other poster said, take a test! You really won't know until you do that and/or miss your period. I've also attached my chart from Fertility Friend here for you; this is NOT to say what a pregnancy chart SHOULD look like, but to give you one of many examples of what tracking COULD look like.

Good luck!

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4 months ago

Any update Andie?

4 months ago

Haven't tested sense the 17th but i do plan to tomorrow. I will update with the yay or nay. Pretty weird my period hasn't shown for 2 day's, I was supposed to be bleed 5/20.

4 months ago • Post starter

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