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Very confused

I had a very faint positive on a frer last week and the bloodwork a day later at my docs office came back at a very low level of 3. They day after I started spotting then over the weekend it became a medium flow with some clots then light and spotty again ending on weds. I had repeat bloodwork done yesterday and my level went up to 7. I figured I had a chemical pregnancy since my level was low to begin with and then the bleeding, I had a chemical last October and it was similar to this. Does anyone have a similar story to this or might know what is going on? I’m waiting to hear from the doc about repeating bloodwork over the weekend, they wanted me to wait a week but I also have a history of ectopic pregnancy last year and I don’t want to wait.

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I haven't had anything like this personally, do you have an update?

35 days ago

I’ve been getting faint positive tests everyday. Getting repeat bloodwork done on Thursday. Tried to get the bloodwork sooner by the docs office wants to wait a week between results.

35 days ago • Post starter

I personally haven’t had retained hcg like that but when I went through my own chemical I read tons of stories and read where some women didn’t pass all of the tissue so they were continuing to get positives on tests for awhile after. With my own, my tests turned back to negative by morning and by that evening I was bleeding then had normal ovulation the next cycle.

34 days ago

My first blood test came back with a level of 3 then I had the bleeding and a week after the first test the second blood test came back a 7, I assumed it would be zero because of the bleeding. Going for a third blood test in 2 days, kinda anxious to see what that comes back as.

34 days ago • Post starter

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