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I had a miscarriage on 27th of april at 5 weeks so very early , have had 3 positive opks but the wait is killing me each day feels like a week , i feel like i ovulated 2 days early so that would put me at 5dpo so a bit of a wait yet .. is it normal to feel like this after a miscarrage ?

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Hello there. Firstly, sorry for your loss. Secondly i'm also 5 DPO today. This is my first full cycle trying after my miscarriage on 3/26. I was 7 weeks at the time. I've also had another early loss around 5 weeks (in January). I'm sorry to say that the anxiety seems pretty normal but you know everyone tells you to relax. So try to relax and just wait it out. I know each day feels like an eternity. I think what you are feeling is totally normal. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get to hold your rainbow baby soon.

32 days ago

Aww im so sorry for your losses , i really hope and wish loads of baby dust your way , thank you for answering ive been doing my own head in over it all .xx

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Hi beautiful ladies!

I just wanted to share my story in the hopes that it gives you something positive.

When i was 24 i had a miscarriage at 11 weeks, no real reason as to why was given to me. I am now turning 30 in 2 months and I am 22 weeks pregnant with a beautiful baby boy on the way.

After a loss, the wanting never stops and every day and week will feel ten times longer. The positive is that because you've fallen pregnant before, there is no reason you should have issues in the future.

When you finally get that next BFP it may not feel real, but don't be discouraged and try to stay as calm as possible (sooo hard, i know).

The fear will always be there but i took everyday i was still pregnant as a win and constantly told myself that i was growing a beautiful, strong and healthy baby inside me, this honestly made me feel so calm and i truly believe its the only thing you can do to keep from going insane with worry.

My GP always drilled into me that happy thoughts and happy vibes grow a happy baby.

I wish you both (and the other TTC mumma's out there) the best of luck and i throw all of the baby dust and sticky vibes your way!

Hope this helped! x

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31 days ago

Aww thank you so much !! I have 2 beautiful daughters 10 and 7 so this was baby number 3 , i count myself super lucky as i had to have an ovary removed before i conceived them !! Thank you so much for positive vibes , i love your story, i wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy ????xx

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I'm so glad you found something positive from what i had to share, i hope it does the same for others.
My pregnancy is travelling along well, just some tail bone pain which i'm trying not to complain about, thanks so much for your well wishes! I hope you get to join one of the BFP groups really soon!

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28 days ago

I think i may have a positive not due af to friday so trying to keep calm xx

28 days ago • Post starter

Oh really? Did you test with FMU? Do you have a photo of the test? A second pair of eyes might be encouraging.

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27 days ago

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