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TTC 2nd month


This is my first time posting here. So far I've been reading a lot, (really a lot) of community posts, stories, questions on TTC. This is my first time TTC (2nd month, already feel like af is coming soon) and I already feel a bit down and have a feeling that it's just not happening. I know logically that this could take time and reading all the information online, I know I should give this one year! (I'm 30 years old). But I still feel that if my dh and I are timing it right, and I know exactly when I ovulate because of mittelschmerz, why would it take long? What are the other factors and what should we be doing differently? I can't seem to find answers to this..

Very very hopeful to get pregnant this year! fx

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Hi lovely, i'm sorry to hear your TTC journey isn't off to the best start but its great that you're aware just how long it can take some couples.
I would suggest using ovulation tests even though you experience mittelschmerz, i know from my own personal experience that my middle pain wasn't as accurate an indicator as i thought. It's an extra step but it might just be what changes your chances, good luck.

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10 months ago

Hi, thanks for your reply! Yes, ovulation test is the next step for me for next month :)

10 months ago • Post starter

Hi Hope, Im going to be brutally honest with you, TTC is HARD. I dont want you to get discouraged and I wish you get pregnant in your first couple of tries as it happens to many, but the truth is that its not always like that and you just have to keep pushing through your feelings until you finally have your baby in your arms.
My suggestion is that you should never just go on one factor to predict ovulation. I suggest you check at least two (for example OPK and CM, or temping and OPK) whatever suits better in your routine, I don’t suggest you try it all at once because you might get frustrated and we don’t want that to happen at the beginning of your journey. On a second note stay calm, (I know many say this but knowing the facts help me calm down when I got my period at the end of every month) the truth is that even with perfect timing there is only a 20 or 25% chance of getting pregnant each month, added to that many pregnancies fail because they never get to borrow correctly in your uterus.
So stay calmed, its going to happen but it might not be on the first couple of tries. Im sure soon enough we are going to see you posting in the BFP groups. GOOD LUCK!

10 months ago

Hi vs1233,

Thanks a lot for your response. I guess I needed to hear that from someone. I know having read several stories that it is hard TTC and also am aware of the probability of success each cycle. I know I shouldn't feel dejected after just two cycles! I was just feeling very weepy and low when I first posted..PMS I suppose ???? I will be using opk next month. I already do track cm. Going to hope for the best each cycle. Thanks!

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Hi Hope. Just wanted to wish you best of luck in your journey. Remember that a lot of us that post regularly have been around a while and we have our reasons for not being able to conceive quickly. As for me, i'm 41 TTC my first which is considered "ancient" in the world of TTC -- but not impossible! We have had all of the tests done and everything checks out normal but we still only have a 5% chance every month (due to "advanced maternal age"). The normal chance of miscarriage is 1 in 4, but at my age it's more like 50/50 (i've had two in 8 months of TTC). Others on here have other infertility factors contributing to their struggles. Each person is different. The facts are that you are relatively young and hopefully otherwise healthy. If you have no infertility factors (blocked tubes, PCOS, hormone imbalance, healthy sperm) then you still just have a 20% chance each month. So, using the laws of math, you SHOULD conceive within 5 months of trying -- but rarely in the first or second month, so chin up!

I recommend you BBT to track ovulation (if you're not already) and also OPK. Either OPK with the cheap strips every day from CD 10 (2x per day) or try the digital one (which is the one i use, also 2x per day). I start testing as soon as a i see fertile CM which is usually around CD12. I don't ever get ovulation pain, so tracking that doesn't work for me. Luckily my CM is in abundance and very easy to track. Track your cycle for a few months and get to know your patterns. If your cycles are inconsistent you may be dealing with a hormone issue which can be diagnosed and treated by your doctor. Your DH can get his semen analysis done at anytime which might give you some piece of mind.

I don't recommend starting any extra supplements until you know if your cycle is regular. If you're regular, and start supplementing with herbs you might mess it up (be aware that the products labeled as "conception" vitamins and such probably contain herbs so read the labels). That being said you should start now (if you have not already) prenatal vitamin, B-vitamins (B6 & B12), co-enzyme Q-10 (ubiquinol at least 100 mg per day), vitamin C, zinc, calcium, magnesium, fish oil. If you discover your cycle is slightly irregular (and thus you might be dealing with PCOS) you could try vitex, myo-inositol w/d-chiro-inositol, and/or maca. If you get diagnosed with hormone imbalance you could add DHEA. Also it won't hurt to put DH on a supplement that includes antioxidants to improve sperm health. I also take a low dose aspirin after confirmed ovulation throughout the luteal phase and recently added progesterone cream to my post-O regimen. Write all these things down and do your own research (there are plenty of other things you can try). I know for me taking the supplements (and doing all the research) has really helped me feel like i'm taking control of my TTC journey. So i thought i would offer you my recommendations, but of course you need to do you girl!

Also, some more advice since you are new to TTC and posting (even though you didn't ask for it...):
1. PMS and pregnancy symptoms are the same. Try not to focus too much on your symptoms post-O. I've had BFN and BFP positive cycles with the same and different symptoms. Every person is different and every cycle is different (regardless if its BFN or BFP). I've only ever felt real symptoms after getting a BFP (i usually start testing on 12 DPO, but sometimes crack and test earlier...).
2. Don't break digital tests apart to examine the lines. Breaking them apart invalidates the test.
3. Post your HPT and OPK pics in the photo gallery (as "unsure") so we can tweak them with tools, help you interpret, and vote on them (we love doing this, BTW)! Take pictures with a white background if you can and make sure the room is well lit.
4. Track your temp. If you see spotting at the end of your LP and your temp drops, it is AF and not implantation bleeding. If your temp stays high, then take an HPT!!
5. Cervical positive after ovulation is a useless tracking tool. Its different every month and a high, soft CP close to AF doesn't necessarily mean you are pregnant (in my experience).
6. Don't take an OPK and an HPT at the same time and stack the tests next to each other to compare lines. The dye will travel from the OPK strip and make the HPT look positive.
7. HCG doubles every 24-48 hours, so if you take an HPT in the morning and another one the same day in the afternoon -- don't expect the line to be darker. Try taking the HPT at the same time every day with the same brand of test to compare lines. If you don't see progression after 24 hours, don't panic! Try again the next morning as your HCG may not double until 48 hours from the first.
8. If you get a positive early HPT and start bleeding a few days later (with a drop in BBT) you are likely experiencing a chemical pregnancy. They are the pits but super common, so please read up on them so you are prepared.
9. The TWW is the WORST! Find someone on a board here that is the same DPO as you that you can talk to who will help you get through the wait. Then you can test together. I love my cycle buddies and they are like my real life friends.
10. I pray to God that you never experience a miscarriage, but if you do please know (1) you are not a failure and did nothing wrong (2) you can and should try again as soon as you are ready (3) the despair you are feeling is fueled by hormone fluctuations and will settle eventually and (3) we here in this community know how you are feeling, we love you and will support you however you need.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my advice. I really hope it helps you and i hope you get your BFP soon!!! Feel free to post your questions; there are a lot of women here with great advice! Good luck!!

10 months ago

Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for all the advise! Really appreciate it I wish you good luck as well!!

9 months ago • Post starter

good luck with your tccing ..

9 months ago

Hi genevieve, Thank you so much! good luck to you too!

Update: I tested today for the first time ever. I'm at 12 dpo. And I can see a faint line. I'll test again after a few days and hoping to get a darker line!

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