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Holy baby fever, Batman!

Well, my son is 19 months old! He’s a full blown toddler! Where had my baby gone?!? He’s so grown up - smart, curious, sassy, considerate - the sweetest, busiest little boy. He keeps me on my toes! And holy cow the baby fever is kicking in! I Told myself I’d just let whatever was going the happen, happen- yeah right. That’s just not in my personality. I bought a big lot of opks, box of clear blue digital tests, and some EPTs off a Facebook bidding group lol. Just in time to track this cycle. I’ve been trying to temp again but it’s been hit or miss as my son is such a crappy sleeper for the most part. I had 3 glorious months of him sleeping through the night, then the 18 month regression hit and he’s been up 2-4 times a night again. It’s exhausting especially being back at work. But truth be told, I love our snuggles. I know one night will be the last night he wants me to snuggle him back to sleep and then I will miss it. So until that happens, I will treat each night like it’s the last night he wants that from me. I contacted my RE’s office to see if I needed to be referred again by my GP (which I do) and I found out my fav RE is gone :(. A new one has taken over and apparently he is fantastic, but I really liked mine. She went in may leave when I was seeing her before and her fill in was a complete bitch and I did not like her at all (she called my around miscarriage a “non-pregnancy”- not sure how you tell someone struggling with infertility that their pregnancy - whether it lasted 5 minutes or 5 months - that’s its a “non-pregnancy” is beyond me)... I’m not sure if I want to go quite that far yet... maybe I will ask my GP to prescribe me clomid. I was going to quote a few months again and then my appt got cancelled for a family emergency with my doctor and I just didn’t rebook. Our timing has been decent the this cycle. I’m thinking I will get a positive OPK tonight or tomorrow- fingers crossed!

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Good luck!

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41 days ago

I'll have been trying a year again in June :-/ I did 2 rounds of Clomid, no success. I think you should go for it! Your little guy needs a sibling!

41 days ago

I k you should go for it too. Our stories are very similar. My baby boy just turned 18months. I am still breastfeeding but mostly during the day. Although now that the sleep regression has kicked in , he wakes up a lot more and want to nurse more again at night time. I am waiting dor him to self wean and hope that once i get back to work in July, it will help. I saw him playing with his cousins and yep he is ready for a sibling or two (twins run in my family). Anyway go for it mama.

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31 days ago

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