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First time temping TTC advice please?

Hi everyone

This cycle will my first time taking temperature to track ovulation. I’ve never done it before, have no idea where to start! I’ve read some bits online but still not sure and i want to get it right. Can anyone give me some advice on what to do? I want to start temping as my last cycle was 47 days! I have been using OPKS since ttc and I seem to have 4/5 positive opks almost every month taken daily and yes i no how they work and what a positive looks like. ???? I also test same time every day. I usually get my last positive opk around cycle day 18/19/20 with a 28 day cycle. So I have a short luetel phase according to my opks. But this cycle as I said was 47 days never happened before and I got positive opk on cycle day 19 so not sure what was going on. So I want to start temping for a more accurate result. Can anyone give me some advice? Also does anyone recommend those fertility lubricants such as pre seed?

Thanks T

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Hey there! When it comes to temping it needs some time to see your patterns and know how to interpret it. Some apps are very good on giving you a guidance if you give your temps, cm, opks etc. I’m using the Fertility friend app and I’m very pleased with it.
You have to take your temp when you wake up same time every morning. Try to take it before you get up out of bed. If you have inconsistent sleeping pattern then you should write down the exact time you woke up. After few cycles you should be able to see an average pattern so you can know what to expect.
It took me some time to see a pattern but now based on my temps, I usually know where I’m heading to!
I hope this was kinda of an answer you were looking for! Good luck!!!!!!

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1 year ago

Hi there. I tempt for a long time and here are my thoughts based on my experience. I did all my tracking through Womenlog and for a couple extra dollars you can go pro (which I did). What Alexpl is right about taking your temp at the same time each morning before you get up out of bed so it is best to keep the thermometre by your bed at arms reach. I read that taking the temp should be done in the same spot to get accurate reading and good data analysis. There are two (that I know of) ways of taking your temp: orally and vaginally. If you tend to be a mouth breather than orally isn't the best option because it plays havoc on your temps and they won't be accurate. I did all my temping vaginally, except when the witch shows up then I do orally. It takes a few months of tracking to see some good data and to figure out what your body is doing. I hope this helps. There are lots of good articles on Google and if all else fails, use the search icon on here and do a search on temping. There you can read other people's responses and can make your decisions that way. I'm not very good at reading graphs but I am sure there is someone out there who is. Good luck in your journey and hope you conceive soon.

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1 year ago

Thank you for your advice ladies going to give it a go and see what happens, yes I have been using fertility friend app it’s very useful hopefully will conceive soon! Xx

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Temping drove me crazy I just stuck to cheapie opk's and elevated hips for 15 mins after

1 year ago

A long, long time ago I read a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It was an amazing book that talks about temping and all things ttc. I'd really recommend it!

1 year ago

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