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6 evaps in a row!! 12 dpo

So DH and I are TTC after our silent miscarriage in November 2018 (8 weeks pregnant). This month we've made a conscious effort to try and I'd bought internet cheapies to test everyday and hopefully capture the progression of the positives. After plenty false hope's and evap lines we realised it's way too early (note we were getting faint lines at 5dpo...not possible right). Well I'm now 12 dpo, today and yesterday I've completed 6 tests (4 frers and 2 cb) all of which have shown the faintest eye smudge initially and then developed into fainter darker lines within 30-40 minutes. My question is, is it possible to have so many evaps in a row?? They dont look like the faint lines we had at 5dpo, these have colour. Also my breasts are hurting and AF isn't due period for another 3-4 days (currently at cd28). Another question is how long before I should notice clear bfps after faint lines? I know my hcg could possibly be low hence the faint lines if they are indeed bfps, but how long before they should give me darker results within the valid time window. I've tested yesterday and today and cant say that the tests have appeared darker? Thanks ya'll!

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Hi there! When you line the tests up they should get darker every day or at least every other day. You should be taking them at the same time everyday with the same hold time if you can. Good luck and keep testing! If AF doesn't come on time, and you're sure of your O date (confirmed by BBT rise) then you should call your doctor and ask for two blood tests two days apart to compare HCG over 48 hours.

4 months ago

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