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Help!!! TTC after MC!!

Hi ladies I need some thoughts here... I had a mc on 3/22 and bled for 8 days, started right away ttc but af showed up on 4/22 a day early according to my charting. I’ve been bleeding pretty heavy up until yesterday evening where it was mostly spotting and still only spotting this morning. I usually have a 30-33 day cycle and I have always pretty much bled for 7 days and I’m so regular like clockwork! This is the shortest cycle I’ve ever had. We’ve been ttc for 8 months for #5 and I am 41. We’ve had 3 mc’s Nov, Feb, March. I had tests done after this last mc and everything came out fine and we have been encouraged to keep ttc. Should I be concerned? If this is the end of af when should I start using opk? Still on cd 10?? TIA!!

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I would take a test.. seems like it could be IB if it was so abrupt. However, so close to AF indicates late implantation which is higher risk for chemical pregnancy. I'd advise treating your body like you're pregnant until you know otherwise. If you get a faint positive, test again in 3 days. If negative I'd expect more bleeding. If still positive, congrats!!
If you dont bleed more, and still get faints that don't darken over days.. see a doc to ensure you're not experiencing a missed miscarriage which could prevent you from conceiving.

4 months ago

It’s definitely not ib I’ve been testing since 8dpo and all negative plus the flow was so heavy and clotty. I wish it was ib and we had a bfp!! I have a call into my docs office waiting to her from the nurse!!

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