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Ttc after a missed miscarriage my chances any advice ?

I currently just had a missed miscarriage and would like to conceive as soon as possible but dont want any chance of goin through this again so any advice welcome trying to find someone in a similar situation with any idea how good my chances are to have a healthy pregnancy right after this and idk I guess I'm looking for advice and some confidence that I will successfully conceive and everything be ok it broke my heart on my first ultrasound that finally ended yesterday thanks for any advice or success stories or encoragment ahead of time thank you

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Hi Desiree i just posted on @myjourney's board. I know how you are feeling and i'm so sorry. As far as increasing your chances it depends so much on your individual situation. I suggest you go see your doctor (or a fertility specialist if you have access to one) and ask for a hormone work up to see what's going on with you. You will have to wait until the HCG clears out of your system and your next cycle starts to do that testing. Based on your results, your doctor can recommend different things to help improve your chances. Much love to you honey we will get through this!

3 months ago

Hi Desiree, I feel your post deep in my heart because I had a missed miscarriage last year in June. I went in for my 13 week scan and they couldn’t find a heartbeat. The baby measured 12 weeks.
I talked to my doctors then and they told me that getting pregnant again would depend in how fast my body recovered and how fast my HCG levels went back to 0.
I had a D&C done and counted that day as my first day of the cycle. 30 days after that I got my regular period (a little heavier than usual but within the normal), after that I had a couple of crazy months, I believe because my body was adjusting.
During that time I had a couple of tests done, they tested for my egg supply, and they tested my husband’s sperm. They did an RH blood factor test, and they did blood tests for both my husband and I to check for DNA abnormalities that we can pass on to an offspring. Everything came back clear except for my husband´s sperm (normal count low morphology). They sent him some supplements to help with that and we had to wait three months for all his sperm to restore with the treatment.
With all that said, the first month after he finished his three month treatment we got pregnant again. (January 2019). I am now 16 weeks pregnant and even if I´ve been so nervous all this pregnancy everything is going well. (TMI: I feel like I’m going to puke every time I go in for an exam or ultrasound).
With all this what I truly want to tell you is that even if you go in for a ton of exams as we did, or you decide not to do any extra testing, you´ll get pregnant when your body is ready again. For us it took 8 months and we are still crossing our fingers for everything to keep going right on track, for others it takes just a couple of cycles. Try not to stress about it because your time will come again, and as we all hope, you´ll go ahead to have a happy healthy pregnancy.

3 months ago

@VS1234 thanks for posting. Quick question, where and how did you get the DNA testing done for your eggs and DH's sperm? My fertility specialist doesn't offer this testing. They only test AMH and normal semen analysis (volume, motility, morphology, etc.).

3 months ago

Lissa we got the following exams done:
Me: They tested for the Anti-Müllerian hormone to check for my egg reserve and quality, but since they didn’t actually extract any of my eggs they didn’t do any genetic testing on them. Apart of that test, they did other regular blood work, tested for my progesterone levels and internal ultrasounds.
My Husband: They tested his sperm for motility, morphology and quantity. Both motility and quantity were fine, so they decided to do further testing due to the deficient morphology. They did an exam that is called FISH or fluorescent in situ hybridization (They test for chromosomal abnormalities in the sperm) Since they found nothing wrong we started treatment to improve the morphology with vitamins, minerals and a change in his diet.
Exams done to both of us: They did two tests one called Karyotype Test to check that our own DNI is fine and therefore we are not likely to pass a genetic disorder and they also did a RH blood factor test to check for the compatibility of our blood types.
Husbands change in diet:
He started taking Vitamins C and D every morning with breakfast as well as the same folic acid pills I was taking.
At lunch time we incorporated more fish (we started having salmon 3 times a week) to help with his Omega 3 intake. No pills for that. And on the other days we had regular foods (beans and poultry. – We don’t eat beef at home, but that’s a choice not because the doctor told him not to.)
We switched all his snacks to mixed nuts like (chia seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds and walnuts) I think they also help with the omega 3.
And lastly he had to take a sodium D-aspartic acid supplement every other day before he went to the gym. (Something to do with testosterone).
Oh and we eliminated soy from his diet.
Finally and this wasn’t recommended by our doctor, but I read somewhere it was good for his sperm, he lowered his coffee intake and switched to a low caffeine tea made from maca root.
As for me I kept taking my prenatals and started taking baby aspirin every day. I did adjust to my husband’s diet change so I was consuming more fish than I usually do and since we had no chips or cookies at home I guess I increased my mixed nuts intake too. As soon as we found out I was pregnant I switched the baby aspirin for progesterone suppositories, which I had to insert in my vg every day before going to sleep up till my 13 week ultrasound.

Thats about all we did and all the test we had done. Sorry for the long post, I hope some of the info works for you guys.

3 months ago

@VS if you don't mind me asking, what was your AMH value? Mine is 3.5 (which i think is good?). Thanks so much for all the info! I've got him taking a conception vitamin that is mostly antioxidants to help prevent DNA damage (although we haven't done any testing to confirm if that is an issue). I figured since he is 53 it couldn't hurt. The RE did a SA on him and everything came back "perfect." I wish i could get him to stop drinking coffee -- but that's not going to happen! I've put us both on a low carb diet and eliminated processed, crappy foods. We've both lost a little weight so that's a bonus even if its not helping our fertility. I also take baby aspirin but only after ovulation (my doctor said this was fine). I added vitex and DHEA 25 mg/day this month (the DHEA is recommended by the RE but i didn't have any testing to confirm if i'm actually deficient yet). I'm going all out this cycle (just O'd on friday or saturday) and also just ordered some progesterone cream. Congrats on your success and thanks again for the info.

@Desiree how are you feeling, honey? i know what you are going through and hope you are feeling better. I really feel like the hormone crash that came with my M/C really had me struggling. Now that my cycle is getting back to normal i feel much better.

3 months ago

Thank y'all so much for the support and advice as far as my mental state I'm struggling right now I had a ultrasound today that cleared everything had passed I've conceive before without problems I've had one miscarriage due to a fall I had n I had a miscarriage instead of a period and then this missed miscarriage I went in for my first ultrasouns due to my ultrasound bany stopped at 7 weeks I should of been at 12 w 4 day when I went in its been hard dad has a lot of health problems but within a year and a half we concieved without any meds but I don't want to go through this ever again and want the best chance of getting pregnant n everything being ok I'm sorry for the struggles ur goin through and baby dust to all ladies who need it and I hope for the best for miss prego good luck sweetie and I hope that helps with giving me advice on this thank y'all so much I really really need it right now

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