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Has anyone gottent a late BFP?

My cycles usually 26 days, so I'm 2 days late. Im having light symptoms and no period cramps, but I took a test and it was negative.

Has it ever taken anyone longer to get a BFP?

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Hi ttcmnx, I am just going to join this discussion to see what others say. I am now 22dpo (confirmed because I had an HCG trigger shot and kept track of my bbt). Still getting BFNs and no period! Around 13 and 14 dpo I had very little brownish spotting (sorry TMI) and since then nothing, and no signs of AF. So I am very curious to hear from others what their experiences have been. My doctor isn't too worried though, and told me to come in for a check up next week if still BFNs and no sign of AF. I have heard of women who are never able to confirm pregnancy by POAS.

5 months ago

Nexplanon removed 4/29

Sex on 4/29, 5/3, 5/10, one other time after.

Pink/mucus on the 4th

Ovulated between 5/3 & 5/6 according to my knowledge and my apps. All tests negative so far.

I ovulated between the 3rd and 6th according to my apps and my memory.

Nothing for major mucus changes up untill 5/16 which was pinkish/mucus mix again. I assumed my period came early so i put a lighter tampon in.

5/17 i went to change my tampon and noticed it was dried up and brown so switched to a pad that morning and by noon the brown/tannish stopped completely.

My period isn't to start till 5/20 as I'm regular. Yet nothing. The spotting stopped, mild cramping now, no other symptoms. No mucus changes.

Cervix was low for those 2 days and now climbing up a bit today.

My question is, Did i just have implantation bleeding or am i crazy?

4 months ago

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