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Cold/flu before bfp?

Hello lovely ladies...I'm currently 9dpo and I woke up with the feeling of razor blades in my throat and has now developed into a full blown cold ( runny nose, sore throat, aches and head ache). I've heard before that you can sometimes get this before your bfp? I had this before with my first pregnancy but put it down to fluke..any thoughts much appreciated TIA X

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I've never had that but heard it can be a symptom as your immune system is weakened if you have a sticky bean! The only symptom i had out of the norm during my BFP cycle was a canker sore inside my lip (i never get those). Good luck and keep us posted!

5 months ago

Well I've had a few faint positives now but AF started this morning so maybe chemical again...I feel I've lost all hope now and want to give up! I really felt good this month too. I was really poorly and have lots of signs too. Hoping this period stops and is just implantation but I'm highly doubting it. Had a faint line this morning too ???? X

5 months ago • Post starter

Have you been temping? If your temp dropped then it's AF. If it's still high then possibly IB!

5 months ago

I did start temping but with my 7month old, I'm up and down most the night and can't get a time to do it when I've been resting. I really wanted to give it ago too X

5 months ago • Post starter

I'm so sorry it must be hard to temp with a little one. I've heard other people say that too on these boards. Overall do you feel hot? That's always a sign for me that i'm post O because your body temp is elevated all the time until AF comes. Please don't give up! You can and will get pregnant again when the time is right!

5 months ago

I can't really say I feel hot...I've just looked at my two tests from this morning and they are still positive! Frer has bright pink too! I've been to the loo and my period has almost stopped....I'm so confused now...thank you for being so supportive, feel I have noone to talk to about these things X

5 months ago • Post starter

I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for you that it was IB and not AF!!! Try to take your tests at the same time every day and compare them (use the same brand if you can). I also noticed some of your tests are taken apart and i've heard this invalidates the test so better to just take one test per day at the same time and compare! If i were you i would go ahead and call the doctor and tell them you got a positive HPT and ask for beta HCG and to check progesterone. Good luck!

5 months ago

Nexplanon removed 4/29

Sex on 4/29, 5/3, 5/10, one other time after.

Pink/mucus on the 4th

Ovulated between 5/3 & 5/6 according to my knowledge with checking my cervix and my apps. All tests have been negative so far.

I ovulated between the 3rd and 6th according to my apps and my memory.

Nothing for major mucus changes up untill 5/16 which was pinkish/mucus mix again. I assumed my period came early so i put a lighter tampon in.

5/17 i went to change my tampon and noticed it was dried up and brown so switched to a pad that morning and by noon the brown/tannish stopped completely.

My period isn't to start till 5/20 as I'm regular. Yet nothing. The spotting stopped, mild cramping now, no other symptoms. No mucus changes.

Cervix was low for those 2 days and now climbing up a bit today.

My question is, Did i just have implantation bleeding or am i crazy?

4 months ago

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