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TTC December 2019/January 2020 babies

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Good luck ladies I have everything crossed for you !!

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@ anna hope the pain goes away soon for you
@ crystal hope everything works out good for you!

Afm: i tested again today period is due tomorrow opk is positive and pregnancy test is negative! Will have to wait and see !

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5 years ago

@crystal, you get get new bloodwork done, just in case, its possible

@ Anna, keep us updated!!!!

5 years ago

@Sam I was so sure I saw lines on your previous tests?

@Becky I will !!

5 years ago • Post starter

Hello ladies! I’m back from my vacations and I feel soooo refreshed! A much needed trip tbh
I’ve lost some of your updates but I read them all! I’m so sorry for everyone who’s been visited by AF and I have my fingers crossed you’ll have a lucky cycle to come!
Good luck to you girls that are ovulating!!

Sam your positive opks and negative hpts are a bit confusing because I would expect to have a positive hpt too but I heard before that it can happen days before AF! Hopefully you’ll have some beautiful lines in the next few days!

Crystal this is so agonizing! Do you consider to do a blood test again to see if your hcg is rising? I hope all this end with a positive outcome

Anna I’ve heard that toothache is a thing at early pregnancy. Hopefully it won’t last long! How are you other than that? Did the spotting stopped?

AFM I am somewhere around 9-11dpo and nothing at all to report except some dull cramps the last two days which is totally normal for me at this phase of the cycle. I’m not charting so I don’t know what my temps look like. I don’t have my very normal breast pain and my stomach is a bit off the last few days but I ate like a pig (lol) on my vacations so it sure is because of that!! Im expecting Af in 3-5 days!

Sending big hugs to everyone and I hope you all going through this as peaceful as you can

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5 years ago • Edited

Anna that does not sound pleasant at all!

Sam I hope you see your positive soon!!

Alex it is nice to have you back and I am glad you got some good rest!!

AFM: temps dropped even more and AF will most likely be in full swing by the afternoon. The timing of having a December baby honestly wouldn’t have been the best, so moving on to January!! A little update on everything going on with our apartment that burnt down back in January, the insurance is trying to work with the city to rebuild still. So not much progress there. My insurance has finally given us a check for our personal belongings that we lost. We did find a mistake so we should get more than they gave us originally. Still living with my in-laws and just trying to stay positive while we wait for the apartment to get rebuilt.

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5 years ago

@Alex yeah the spotting stopped which is good I still havent gotten my blood results back... The tooth really sucks and it's so expensive to go see a doctor if it's not on insurance that I'm just gonna ride it out a little while... I hope to see a positive from you this month babe !! I really think the relaxed Alex is a good thing!!

@Shay omg that sucks I'm sorry girl but yes I agree a January baby is better than a December baby we would have waited as well but I'm more than happy if little one decides to come in November or December... I'm hoping this month goes better for you !!

5 years ago • Post starter

Shay Thank You and I’m sorry that AF is coming! Hopefully she’ll stay away!
I cannot even imagine how stressful all this situation must be and I believe you are so strong coping through all of this. Having your apartment destroyed, living with your in-laws while ttc is so much to process and I’m sending you all my positive vibes all this to end soon and for you to hold a bfp even sooner!
Best wishes for a new decades baby!!!!!

Anna So glad the spotting stopped and I really hope for you to get rid of this toothache soon! I know..doctors especially dentists are so expensive here too. Social insurance covers any doctor except for dentists Don’t even know why!!
Me being relaxed was so enjoyable tbh and hopefully it will help! I’m not to positive still especially this month which I had the food poisoning in my O days but less stress is always a good thing while ttc! Fingers crossed!

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5 years ago

@Sam, I have been having positive OPK after 7DPO.... so at this point I think Im crazy... it makes no sense...
I hope for you it turns into a BFP. AF is due next wednesday, so Im not testing until that :)

5 years ago

@Alex I'm sure the food poisoning wouldn't have too much of an effect if baby took then its staying there no matter what !! So I'm still hopeful for you !!

5 years ago • Post starter

Anna it will be a surprise for sure!

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5 years ago

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