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How many Dpo did ladies start to see their BFP!!

Hi Ladies this 2ww is draining me!???? When did u all first see your BFP?x

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I saw the start of mine at 8dpo

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6 months ago

I got mine at 12 DPO, but i didn't start testing until then so i might have seen it sooner if i had been testing. Good luck!

6 months ago

Thank u Ladies!! Congratulations to u both!! TTC #4 I got early BFP with all 3 my girls this time I haven't!! I am only 9dpo and it's still very early days I'm just being very impatient!????????

6 months ago • Post starter

I had a negative test at 9 dpo in the morning and then a very faint line at 9 dpo in the evening. So faint that I thought for sure it was an evap but I still dipped a FRER in the same urine sample and it had a very faint line too ( clearer than the one on my cheapy). Next day was faint but a little more noticeable. True BFP at 11 dpo

6 months ago

10 dpo

6 months ago

Did not test until the day AF was due i have a 31 day cycle but this app says i was 11DPO but EVE had me at 13DPO

6 months ago

the TWW is the devil...

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6 months ago

Negative morning of 8dpo (Asda test), super faint line that made me question myself at 8dpo pm (internet strips), very obvious positive line 9dpo fmu, smu and evening urine (internet strips), darker positive 10dpo (internet strip, Pregnant 1-2 with clearblue digi), blood draw at 11dpo came back at 127

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! Due November 30th

6 months ago

Last cycle my period didn't start without the aid of provera and I saw a very faint line on clear blue rapid results test but turned out to be negative,never got darker but this cycle again seeing a faint 2nd line at 9dpo not using fmu but I'm scared it will turn out that I'm not pregnant

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6 months ago

Nexplanon removed 4/29

Sex on 4/29, 5/3, 5/10, one other time after.

Pink/mucus on the 4th

Ovulated 5/3 to 5/6 according to my cervix and mucus and apps

I ovulated between the 3rd and 6th according to my apps and my memory.

Nothing for major mucus changes up untill 5/16 which was pinkish/mucus mix again. I assumed my period came early so i put a lighter tampon in.

5/17 i went to change my tampon and noticed it was dried up and brown so switched to a pad that morning and by noon the brown/tannish stopped completely.

My period isn't to start till 5/20 as I'm regular. Yet nothing. The spotting stopped, mild cramping now, no other symptoms. No mucus changes.

Cervix was low for those 2 days and now climbing up a bit today.

My question is, Did i just have implantation bleeding or am i crazy?

4 months ago

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