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The suspense. True or False BFP?

On a whim I took a test Monday night. I walk away. After 5 minutes I go back. Look. There's nothing. But! As I put it back down I stop. There. I can see it. It's super faint but it's there. My stomach flips. My eyes well. I hide my excitement, I want to be sure before I tell my husband.

I go out to pick-up dinner and get a FRER take it out of the box then out of the wrapper so I can take it in the morning not making a ton of noise. Wake up. Pee.... nothing. Blazingly negative.

Then something in me tells me to search for the brand Medimama. TTC, Pregnancy and Baby boards I search them all. There it is. My heart sinks. Brand is known for FALSE POSITIVES!

It's still early I think. I'm only 8 DPO maybe 11. I'm not entirely sure when I ovulated because the same brand's ovulation tests were hard to read and I got a new thermometer.

Tuesday night I take 4 more of the cheap internet test. 1 is negative. 2 have the same faint line. 1 is darker (the one in the photo). My heart starts to sinks more. How can 4 of the same test with the same urine produce such different results?!

So here I am on Wednesday. I haven't tested again. I said I'd wait until tomorrow.

I'm so torn. I feel like yes. I am pregnant so I just need to be patience. Then on the other side my logic is telling me no. I'm not just give up already.

I want this to finally have 19 months be my BFP.

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If that showed up in 5 minutes, and you've had more like it, then I'd say its positive.

10 weeks ago

Squirrel love it was in time frame but I took 3 at the same time and this was the only one ????

10 weeks ago • Post starter

give it a day or two before testing again

10 weeks ago

Period is starting today. It was a false positive :(

10 weeks ago • Post starter

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