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Miscarriage? A true mystery!

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I hope someone can help me out. I had my period on February 5. It lasted 7 days and we had sex on the 12th. I thought we were safely away from ovulation day- but turns out I somehow conceived because I got a faint positive pregnancy test (see photo) on Feb28. This means I got pregnant somehow 7 days before ovulation occurred on the 19th??? I must have ovulated early - however since my test didn’t turn positive until the 28th... it must have implanted very late? Can sperm live for 7 days and then can an embryo take 8 more days after conception to implant? Seems unlikely.

I called and had my hcg level checked and on March 2 (4w6d) it was only 171. Which I know is way too low. Since I have such crazy miscarriage history I figured they would drop but two days later at 5w1d they had tripled to 510. At that point they booked me for an ultrasound at 6 weeks which is in two days from today.

I have virtually no pregnancy symptoms, which is highly unusual as with my viable pregnancies I was actively throwing up by 5.5 weeks. I just can’t understand how this could possibly be a viable pregnancy with my dates and levels the way they are. I am 10000% certain that we only had sex on the 12th and cannot be wrong on my dates. Can anyone unravel this mystery ????? I assume I have a blighted ovum or missed miscarriage but thought I’d put it out there In case anyone else experienced this and by some miracle carried to term? Thanks for reading !!!!

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I hope that your baby is just a slow grower and the hormones are coming! Maybe you're not as sensitive to the hormones this time around. I haven't been sick at all. This is my first pregnancy so that's making me a little bit nervous like maybe something is wrong because i'm not sick. But i have heard lots of people say they never had sickness. I have one niece who had no sickness with her first pregnancy (baby was fine) and now she's pregnant again and has been full on sick since she first POAS. I know everyone is different and every pregnancy different. I'm hoping and praying for good outcomes for us both!!!!

36 days ago

Thank you for the encouragement! Science isn’t always by the book so there’s always room for mysterious happenings! I do wonder if somehow my surrogacy maybe changed my pregnancies ... I wasn’t sick with her baby hardly at all. And now I’m feeling basically great minus the exhaustion and occasional food aversion.

Only a few more days and we will know our fate! I hate waiting !!!!

36 days ago • Post starter

Oh the waiting is the WORST! I thought the TWW was bad.... DH and i are going out of town tomorrow for the weekend so i'm hoping that will help me take my mind off of things.

36 days ago

Been following! Hope the us went well

31 days ago

Well I am still in shock - ultrasound yesterday showed a perfect 7 week 1 day baby with a heartbeat of 136. Apparently I really am pregnant with a complete fluke of a miracle! How my husbands sperm survived 7 days, while I also ovulated a week early- is beyond me. And how this baby is sticking around without aspirin and progesterone is also a mystery . I’ve had 15 miscarriages so the odds were definitely not in my favor. I am completely shocked. We had cleared our schedules this week for a d&c assuming baby had stopped growing 2 weeks ago. Even my doctor is shocked given my history that this happened ! Now I’m just trying to mentally accept another pregnancy ????. My surro baby is only 10 months old - and I have a two year old! This will be my third baby in less than 3 years. Goodness! I hope my body has one last go left. I’m 36 years old and pretty worn out lol.

30 days ago • Post starter

So happy for you! Congratulations!

30 days ago

This sounds like the ectopic I had two years ago????

28 days ago

Yes I wondered the same thing! Weirdly I have a healthy baby trucking along in my uterus right where it should be. I am baffled! The dates do not match up but I suppose it is not a perfect science !

27 days ago • Post starter

Currently laying beside my almost 2 year old who was conceived by BDing 7 days before O.

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27 days ago

Happy to hear a positive outcome and praying for grace in the transition—mentally and physically.

13 days ago

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