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Miscarriage? A true mystery!

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I hope someone can help me out. I had my period on February 5. It lasted 7 days and we had sex on the 12th. I thought we were safely away from ovulation day- but turns out I somehow conceived because I got a faint positive pregnancy test (see photo) on Feb28. This means I got pregnant somehow 7 days before ovulation occurred on the 19th??? I must have ovulated early - however since my test didn’t turn positive until the 28th... it must have implanted very late? Can sperm live for 7 days and then can an embryo take 8 more days after conception to implant? Seems unlikely.

I called and had my hcg level checked and on March 2 (4w6d) it was only 171. Which I know is way too low. Since I have such crazy miscarriage history I figured they would drop but two days later at 5w1d they had tripled to 510. At that point they booked me for an ultrasound at 6 weeks which is in two days from today.

I have virtually no pregnancy symptoms, which is highly unusual as with my viable pregnancies I was actively throwing up by 5.5 weeks. I just can’t understand how this could possibly be a viable pregnancy with my dates and levels the way they are. I am 10000% certain that we only had sex on the 12th and cannot be wrong on my dates. Can anyone unravel this mystery ????? I assume I have a blighted ovum or missed miscarriage but thought I’d put it out there In case anyone else experienced this and by some miracle carried to term? Thanks for reading !!!!

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@cbeal all we saw on ultrasound was a tiny sac but it's too small to measure anything. We went over my dates and she thinks I'm closer to 4 weeks rather than 6 because even tho I got my LMP on 2/3 I didn't ovulate until 2/20. I'm going back in a week for another ultrasound to check again. I was thinking are you sure your period that you had at the beginning of February was your period or maybe it was implantation bleeding and you actually conceived early that you thought? That might explain the mystery of the super sperms...

4 months ago

I am 100% certain I had a full 7 day period! I really think if I ovulated early enough to get pregnant then I would be measuring a week further ahead- and I would be so so sick by now. I’ve been pregnant so many times that I think there’s no way this is viable. But I guess I’ll know next Monday.

Ugh. I’m so sorry your ultrasound was so confusing. Dates and such make this such a roller coaster . I am hoping hard that things look great at your next ultrasound and all this worry is for nothing!!!

I’m nearly 37 and considered “advanced maternal age” as well. I’m sorry for your fertility troubles - it has been a battle for me as well. I make crappy chromosomes but my body implants and hangs on to EVERYTHING ! it’s so annoying. But weirdly I can carry no problem and had the chance to be a surrogate for my college roommate recently! My surro baby is 10 months old now and he was frozen from her IVF cycles 9 years ago! So never give up and keep going despite the set backs - the result is so worth it even if you have to try all the crazy interventions. You can read the whole surrogacy story on Instagram if you want @miracle.grow . She has no idea I am currently pregnant again- she would laugh hysterically and die after seriously just having her baby last summer!

I really hope this little one sticks for you and that the dates are to blame. Keep me posted!!!!!

4 months ago • Post starter

Very strange, but all sounds possible!! I don't have experience with this, BUT I do know every pregnancy is different!! I've been more nauseous with one pregnancy than my other, so it is very possible you have a perfectly healthy baby!! Especially if your levels are rising so well! Hope your next ultrasound shows that all is well, I'll be thinking of you!!

I've had a missed miscarriage at 19 weeks and a CP 4.5-5 weeks before, so I KNOW how hard it is not to worry about another loss when experiencing them in the past... but really hoping the best for you!


4 months ago

Thank you for your thoughts and words! This baby business is just so much drama isn’t it?! I cannot fathom a MM at 19 weeks - that is unbearable. I’m so sorry. My MM was at 10 weeks and it was rough so I truly cannot fathom. I opted to do cytotec at home and forever regretting not having a d&c . I’ve never experienced pain like that in my life.

I was so sick with my daughter from seriously conception until I was 20 weeks. My two boys I was sick by 5.5 weeks and threw up daily and felt sea sick 24/7 through about 13 weeks.
With my surro baby I had moments of nausea but generally felt pretty great ! Which is so interesting. I literally experienced my friend’s pregnancy and not my own! With this current pregnancy I have not had the crazy smell aversion, cravings, or sickness NEARLY as much. Every day I keep thinking it should hit but it hasn’t. My next ultrasound will be Monday the 25th and if there is a 7 weeker with a HB in there I will legit FAINT . ????????????

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5 Myths About Recurrent Miscarriage

In case you're one of the numerous ladies (like me) who has encountered intermittent pregnancy misfortune (RPL), you have most likely heard a great deal of deception about this medicinal puzzle. I realize I did. A few people revealed to me I didn't have to request medicinal help until I lost three pregnancies. Others said in the event that I could simply quit worrying and ingest boatloads of kelp, I'd be ensured a full-term infant. Indeed, even my specialist disclosed to me that I could keep away from future unnatural birth cycles by taking child ibuprofen and progesterone supplements. (Two additional premature deliveries refuted that.

1: You're accomplishing something incorrectly.

2: You should lose three pregnancies straight before observing a specialist.

3: Just take [insert wonder sedate here] and you will be relieved.

4: You should to hold up [insert deplorably lengthy time-frame period] to attempt once more.

5: You will never be a mother.

4 months ago

@cbeal my next ultrasound is also on the 25th. Hoping and praying good news for us both!!!

4 months ago

My doc just called with my HCG result which was 1959 which she said is consistent with what she saw on my ultrasound yesterday and not to worry we are just not as far along as I thought based on LMP and O date!! Keeping fingers crossed and praying for growth at my next scan!

4 months ago

Oh that is such a relief to hear! I will be on pins and needles waiting to hear how your scan goes next week. I am not anticipating good news for me but am ok with it. This was very unplanned and shocking to say the least so I am well prepared. We even went over dates to have the d&c or induce with medications at my last visit because I am so certain this isn’t viable. I leave the country April 2 and really want this resolved before I leave. If by some shocking miracle this is viable and it is on track next week then I’m going to have to really dig deep to face the reality of having 5 kids! It’s overwhelming but lovely too. And who doesn’t want a baby? Of course I want it. But I also stay incredibly guarded having been down this road so many times.

I am relieved to hear your levels line up with your scans perfectly. That is a very reassuring sign! Prayers to you during this annoying and stressful time !!!!

4 months ago • Post starter

Why don't you think it will be ok? I think you have every reason to expect a positive outcome. You've already seen so much on the ultrasound and those HCG values are so variable from person to person. Also (i've heard cause i'm certainly no expert) that symptoms vary between each pregnancy too. I haven't had any morning sickness and i'm hoping that's not a bad sign! But i do know that my hormones are just now starting to kick in so i might get it soon. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and we can update each other on monday with our results!

4 months ago

Every single miscarriage I have ever had - I was never sick. But with each viable pregnancy I was full on PUKING by 6 weeks and so smell sensitive and nauseous no 24:7. . I just think my hormones are low. Especially since I am certain I conceived from intercourse on the 12th. I think in all honesty this baby stopped growing at 5w3 days. I suspect when I go in on the 25th my ultrasound will look the same as it did 10 days prior. I guess this could be a crazy fluke but my history tells me this is a miscarriage. Only time will tell I guess!

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