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Miscarriage? A true mystery!

I hope someone can help me out. I had my period on February 5. It lasted 7 days and we had sex on the 12th. I thought we were safely away from ovulation day- but turns out I somehow conceived because I got a faint positive pregnancy test (see photo) on Feb28. This means I got pregnant somehow 7 days before ovulation occurred on the 19th??? I must have ovulated early - however since my test didn’t turn positive until the 28th... it must have implanted very late? Can sperm live for 7 days and then can an embryo take 8 more days after conception to implant? Seems unlikely.

I called and had my hcg level checked and on March 2 (4w6d) it was only 171. Which I know is way too low. Since I have such crazy miscarriage history I figured they would drop but two days later at 5w1d they had tripled to 510. At that point they booked me for an ultrasound at 6 weeks which is in two days from today.

I have virtually no pregnancy symptoms, which is highly unusual as with my viable pregnancies I was actively throwing up by 5.5 weeks. I just can’t understand how this could possibly be a viable pregnancy with my dates and levels the way they are. I am 10000% certain that we only had sex on the 12th and cannot be wrong on my dates. Can anyone unravel this mystery ????? I assume I have a blighted ovum or missed miscarriage but thought I’d put it out there In case anyone else experienced this and by some miracle carried to term? Thanks for reading !!!!

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Well I am still in shock - ultrasound yesterday showed a perfect 7 week 1 day baby with a heartbeat of 136. Apparently I really am pregnant with a complete fluke of a miracle! How my husbands sperm survived 7 days, while I also ovulated a week early- is beyond me. And how this baby is sticking around without aspirin and progesterone is also a mystery . I’ve had 15 miscarriages so the odds were definitely not in my favor. I am completely shocked. We had cleared our schedules this week for a d&c assuming baby had stopped growing 2 weeks ago. Even my doctor is shocked given my history that this happened ! Now I’m just trying to mentally accept another pregnancy ????. My surro baby is only 10 months old - and I have a two year old! This will be my third baby in less than 3 years. Goodness! I hope my body has one last go left. I’m 36 years old and pretty worn out lol.

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Just got back from ultrasound and gestational sac measured 5w3d. Fetal pole and yolk sac also there. I just can’t make sense of these dates. I go back for another ultrasound in 10 days. If there is a heartbeat and viable baby in there someone can knock me over with a feather. I’m still hesitant to believe this is viable - I should be 6w2 days today so I just don’t know! Thanks to everyone who has corresponded it helps so much.

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I am 100% certain I had a full 7 day period! I really think if I ovulated early enough to get pregnant then I would be measuring a week further ahead- and I would be so so sick by now. I’ve been pregnant so many times that I think there’s no way this is viable. But I guess I’ll know next Monday.

Ugh. I’m so sorry your ultrasound was so confusing. Dates and such make this such a roller coaster . I am hoping hard that things look great at your next ultrasound and all this worry is for nothing!!!

I’m nearly 37 and considered “advanced maternal age” as well. I’m sorry for your fertility troubles - it has been a battle for me as well. I make crappy chromosomes but my body implants and hangs on to EVERYTHING ! it’s so annoying. But weirdly I can carry no problem and had the chance to be a surrogate for my college roommate recently! My surro baby is 10 months old now and he was frozen from her IVF cycles 9 years ago! So never give up and keep going despite the set backs - the result is so worth it even if you have to try all the crazy interventions. You can read the whole surrogacy story on Instagram if you want @miracle.grow . She has no idea I am currently pregnant again- she would laugh hysterically and die after seriously just having her baby last summer!

I really hope this little one sticks for you and that the dates are to blame. Keep me posted!!!!!

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Oh that is such a relief to hear! I will be on pins and needles waiting to hear how your scan goes next week. I am not anticipating good news for me but am ok with it. This was very unplanned and shocking to say the least so I am well prepared. We even went over dates to have the d&c or induce with medications at my last visit because I am so certain this isn’t viable. I leave the country April 2 and really want this resolved before I leave. If by some shocking miracle this is viable and it is on track next week then I’m going to have to really dig deep to face the reality of having 5 kids! It’s overwhelming but lovely too. And who doesn’t want a baby? Of course I want it. But I also stay incredibly guarded having been down this road so many times.

I am relieved to hear your levels line up with your scans perfectly. That is a very reassuring sign! Prayers to you during this annoying and stressful time !!!!

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Very strange. I've read on some sites that sperm can live up to 7 days but i have never believed it. Still dont honestly. Are you absolutely certain on O day? Do you temp or take progesterone tests after positive O test?
And 8 days for implantation is normal.

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6 weeks ago

If you ovulated early then this is totally possible. Early ovulation and then implantation is usually 6-12 days after conception. Even if you ovulated a few days after intercourse you could’ve still conceived.

6 weeks ago

Thank you both for taking time to read and respond. This wait has almost killed me! I still have zero pregnancy symptoms . I should be 6w2d tomorrow and go in for an ultrasound at 8 am. I am not expecting there to be a baby in there. I was not tracking ovulation or trying to conceive so I’m really at a loss at to HOW and WHEN this happened! Again ainappreciate your feedback! I’ll update tomorrow!

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Believe me, crazy things happen in the ttc world. Things that people dont think possible. Babies that in all reality shouldnt be, but are!!! Your numbers were normal the first draw
I've seen lower numbers turn out to be successful pregnancies.

6 weeks ago

Our LMPs are almost the same, and i'm calculating to be currently 5w4d based on i think your measurement might be right. Congratulations!!!!!

6 weeks ago

Oh my gosh are you serious? I just can’t even believe I ovulated on the 19th and somehow conceived from intercourse on the 12th. How how????? I am still weirdly symtpom free which is very abnormal so I still lean towards this not being viable. But I also have had 13 miscarriages so I tend to err on the side of caution! Thank you so much for commenting!

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