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3/6/2019 12DPO?

Today, I'm tired.

I feel like I did not sleep well. Not sure if it's AF nearing, that big rainstorm that hit last night or if I'm possibly PG.
Who the hell knows.
I honestly wish that God graced me with regular periods. My life would be so much easier. Except He didn't, so now I have to suffer through questionable symptoms, delays, twinges, toots, breast tenderness and all that jazz until AF decides to show up.

I'm technically on CD41 and I'm currently brown spotting. The sides of my boobs hurt and I don't recall that being a AF symptom.. so that's weird.
I have a couple of blemishes on my hairline. I have been needing to go pee a smidgen more than usual but I'm not chocking that up to a PG symptom because all the other women has said they are frequently going to the bathroom while for me it's not a matter of frequency, it's a matter of "Holy hell I'm going to pee my pants NOW!"
I've been waking up before my alarm and dying to go pee which isn't really normal for me but other than that, I can't say the # of times I need to go has increased.

Today, I'm in a good mood. I woke up ready to take the day on and then I get super tired haha
I know I usually get tired/lethargic around AF time, maybe a week before but going off of when I got EWCM and the typical luteal time frame, I should have already gotten my period or get it now.
According to my calendar on this site and inputted dates, I'm due for AF today. My phone app says I should have gotten AF yesterday. Yet, no period.

I am still experiencing brown spotting only when I wipe. The sides of my boobs are tender when I squish them, SLIGHT nipple sensitivity. Lower back pain. Slight cramping. Today, I feel a little nauseated.

holding out until saturday....thats' when I'll test.



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