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Touch and Go?

Hey all. My other half and I were ttc 3 years ago for 2 years. Went to the fertility clinic and were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I went back on the pill a year ago as I got a new job. Came off it just before Christmas. I get very bad ovulation pain to the point where I'm doubled over for 3 hours and tender a day after. So I know when it happens
We had sex the day before, day of and day after ovulation this month.

Period was due this Sunday past. I had period pain from Friday to Sunday which isn't like me. I never get bad period pain.

Sunday and period "started" only it was much lighter than usual. Pink/red initially then turning a rusty colour on Monday morning one I've been spotting brown (with the odd red splurge - sorry tmi - since).

I have been feeling "off". Took a pregnancy test Saturday (13dpo) and it was negative. Then bleeding Sunday I just figured it was business as usual.

Monday I thought I may have a urine infection but doctor tested and it was negative.

My period usually lasts 5 days. 4 days proper bleed and then a day maybe two of spotting.

So this month was weird.

Was in Tesco this morning and thought I may as well get a pregnancy test just in case as I felt off. 2 cheap Tesco tests came back very faint positive. Appeared within 5 minutes.

Have called doctor and doctor says it sounds as though my body is trying to hold on to this pregnancy and I've to monitor the bleeding but so long as it isn't heavy and bright red, and I keep getting positives, then I'm properly pregnant.

Really just looking for anyone either in the same boat or who has experienced this before. I've 2 children to someone else and those pregnancies were text book. No bleeding. Strong positives at 14dpo

With my current partner we have had 3 very early miscarriages. So I'm used to seeing the light faint positives but it's usually 12-14dpo I get those and my period comes 14-15dpo. This is the opposite way round so I'm confused.

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