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TTC and stress

I read an interesting article last night that showed the correlation between stress and failed implantation. They said that many women actively trying to conceive have a harder time implanting due to stressing out about becoming pregnant. All of the symptom spotting, thinking about motherhood, research, googling, etc creates a stressful environment inside of us and the uterine lining doesn’t become a healthy atmosphere for the blastocyst. I agree with everything I read, but it is still so hard to not think about it. It’s hard not to symptom spot. I wish I was mentally stronger than that. I’m sure the weather makes it harder also. I just spend so much time cooped up inside with nothing but my thoughts.

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I have heard this as well, but for me it is impossible not to stress and symptom spot. I start a new job Monday and am so thankful that will keep me busy.

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Congrats!!! That’s a perfect distraction!

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It has gotten easier to stop symptom spotting as more unsuccessful cycles pile up behind me. I’d had many cycles of boobs that didn’t lie or tiredness that must be from a life trying to take root inside, and on and on. The average woman simply doesn’t get symptoms before implantation when the hcg starts pumping. I know there are many who claim they do and I don’t dispute it. I also know that if you pick any symptom and add “early pregnancy symptom” next to it, you’re going to get a ton of hits of women who swear their first sign of pregnancy was that ringing in their ears or a twitching eye or whatever ridiculous thing.

As far as being mentally strong, never doubt that you are. You’d have to be doing this TTC thing.

Baby dust to all. ~B


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