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She’s 9 months old now!

I’m 43 years old. I have 3 older children from a previous marriage. I remarried and my husband had no children. He doesn’t believe in fertility treatments or anything like that so he always said whatever is meant to be will be!

We tried on and off for 3 years. I never even got pregnant once. We had excepted it wasn’t in the cards for us and made peace with it. My cycles became very unpredictable anyway. I used to be to the day regular every 26 days! Then it became 19 sometimes, 34 sometimes but mostly 23. I was sure I was going through the change.
We went on vacation and I when we got back I was 2 days late. It wasn’t unusual but for some reason that time I was thinking could it be? I didn’t want to keep wondering so I went out and bought a test and the line was immediately dark! I was shocked! There is no way!!
I had my yearly scheduled for the next day anyway so my dr told me to come in anyway and do a test in the office. It was + sent me for BW about 2 weeks later and my numbers were over 16,000 BUT I was bleeding. I started seeing the blood the day of my appointment. It was a deep almost wine color blood. And enough to fill a liner. I was so worried. I had many scans and they never found out why I was spotting. It happened randomly up until about 23 weeks. I had maybe one or 2 more episodes of spotting after that.
I had my baby girl 3 days before my due date! 7lbs 4oz!
She is now 9 months old, crawling, cruising and thinking she’s big stuff!
When they say to relax while TTC it sounds so cliche. but I truly believe sometimes u gotta block it out of your mind and just know it’s going to happen. I dunno when, how long it’s going to take but it will happen.

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Thanx for sharing this !!! Much appreciated and needed!

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