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TTC November Babies!

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New cycle! Welcome to November. If I conceive this cycle, I will have a very early due date of November 1st! I am CD 11, and usually O around CD 15. So it’s coming up fast. Good luck this month ladies!!

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@and, thanks for sharing. I will goggle of my favorite past times. Lol. I hope that the treatments help yall get your BFP.

Happy Valentines Ladies!
I hope your SO and you have a wonderful day.

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1 year ago

@Jackie welcome and short stay...
I'm sorry for your miscarriage

1 year ago

@Andrea finally yay!
@beck Almost O time! Getting closer to the TWW.
@Matarik time to start BDing!
@Jackie sorry for your loss. I have never done any fertility workup, so I don’t have any information for you. But welcome to the TWW and I wish you all the luck!
AFM... I still have that stupid sore throat today. I’m not feeling the best in general. Wish I could just sleep all day, but I have to go to work. My temp rose again this morning, so at least things are going well in that department. I got really sick (like puking and fevers of 103) around implantation time with my two older children. With my youngest, I just got a sore throat but never felt sick. Fingers crossed! I want a baby... not a virus!!

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@jackie sorry for your loss i know how it feels i went thru 2 ivf and first one i got pregnant and then miscarriage and then 2nd one failed after 10 years marriage i got my daughter now she is 5 which i conceived normal without any fertility,so trying for 2nd one without any meds naturally. Lets see crossing my fingers for all of us.

I wish all can be pregnant when we want without any fear or pain. :fingers:

Today i am 5dpo and i have since yesterday having PMS types of symptoms and bloated and dull cramps. So don't want to think anything positive yet. But not letting hope down either lets see.

But good luck to all to my friends here . We will be all pregnant and share our pregnancy stories.

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1 year ago

Hi @Jackie82 and all my beautiful ladies. I had my first consultation with the fertility doctor yesterday. We have only been trying or 5 months and i've had one chemical so far, but i'm almost 41 so we did not wait to wait any longer before seeking help. I'm CD13 today so it wasn't a great time for a fertility work up. The plan is to come back at the start of my next cycle and get the hormone testing done and also an HSG to check tubes. I have to be hospitalized for the HSG because of pre-existing conditions. DH will be doing a SA at the same time. Then we will meet with the doctor in about 4 weeks to discuss all of the results. We are still trying on our own and i'm certainly hoping for a and a sticky bean before we have to go through that -- but i won't know for a few more weeks. I'm a couple of days away from O at this point. After we have the testing, the doctor will advise IUI or IVF. She is leaning towards IVF with genetic testing due to my age. I have a high risk of genetic mutations leading to miscarriage. Even with all of that our chances are low but i'm trying to remain positive. I'm also waiting to hear from their financial department because there is a chance some of the treatments may be covered by insurance. So basically still just have a bunch of questions and won't have any answers for at least another month. The waiting game is the pits.

1 year ago

Maybe this month is the one and I never think of it

1 year ago


52 weeks ago

Still waiting for O. Peak LH last night but no temp rise this morning. Good thing because we didn't get to bd last night. Hoping we get another chance tonight!!

52 weeks ago

@beck the one on CD 16 looks positive and from the moment it is positive (first opk positive) you will Ov within 36 hours or 48 depends on the opk.

52 weeks ago

@beck That’s odd. Looks like you had two surges! I’m not very experienced with OPKs. I am getting a Smaug tattoo soon. That’s so funny! I also wear a black version of the One Ring every single day as well as the star of Lady Galadriel. We found the nerd group lol.
@shanta I really hope you have the best luck this cycle!! Fingers crossed!
@lissa I hope you get to BD tonight and see a temp rise in the morning!

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