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Another loss

Another loss unfortunately at 6w1d. I couldn't believe my luck to have been pregnant and my tests were progressing so nicely, got 3+ on my clearblue digi right on time. I was so excited.

I cannot express in words how utterly heartbroken I am. I was sure my body would know what to do now that it carried my DD to term. I was so sure this was our time. I'm heartbroken, I feel completely alone, even though my husband is amazing, I feel utterly alone. How can this be? Another loss, again, another baby I don't get to hold in my arms. HOW?

I am so scared to get pregnant again and at the same time so so terrified of how long it'll take to get pregnant again. We put all this energy into getting pregnant, taking the right meds at the right times to try to get pregnant and then when we get pregnant I like in a state of extreme anxiety worrying that it'll end. There has to be an easier way?


Em x

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I'm so so sorry xxxx

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11 months ago • Edited

I know it's hard, but your body will carry a baby. Just keep trying and you will have your take home baby! Would your Dr. Prescribe you some progesterone for the next time you become pregnant? Maybe that could help. Next cycle should be super fertile and hopefully the next time around it will be your takehome baby.


11 months ago

I just had a vvfp but started bleeding heavy. I'm sorry for your loss as well. This is my third in a year. It'll be ok though things will be ok. It's gonna be scary for a while and it's going to hurt but things will get better

11 months ago

I am sorry to read your story. I would advise to see your doc and do additional tests, as in case of some reasons such as poor sperm quality or aneuploidies, you can get pregnant only via IVF PGS NGS. Good luck xx

10 months ago

I am so sorry Em. :(

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7 months ago

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