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Ovulation after chemical pregnancy

Hi ladies just looking for some of you who have experienced a chemical pregnancy. I know everyone is different but anyway I got a BFP Jan. 4th and by Jan. 9th i had a blood test done and Ino longer had an hgc in my system and I also started bleeding that day. I was heavy for about 4 days and light on and off spotting for 3 finished all up Jan. 15th. My question for you ladies that have been through this. Did you ovulate on time? Also anyone conceive right away after? I'm still a little emotional but I am jumping back in and trying again my GYN did say we are more fertile after this type of thing and wouldn't be surprised to see me back next month so prayers I get a sticky one! Please share any stories of yours I would love to read. It's kinda given me some hope and closure at the same time reading all these forums and that I'm not the only one thats been through this. Prayers for all.

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I had a CP in December. I got a postive and about 4 days later I started bleeding and cramping heavy. I wasn’t about 5w4d. I am currently 8 Dpo and praying for a BFP. The first day of my miscarriage counted ask my CD1. I ovulate late on CD20. I am not sure if i I typically ovulate that late normally as I wasn’t tracking anything until this cycle. I have 33 day cycle.

1 year ago

I had a chemical in September. 
My cycles were always 28 days w day 14 ovulation. 
The month of my chemical I had 3 days of positives and then my period started 7 days late.
The 1st cycle after my chemical I had several lh surges and finally ovulated o day 21. My cycle was 34 days.

The 2nd cycle I ovulated on day 18. Cycle was 32 days

The 3rd cycle I ovulated on day 16
Cycle was 30 days

And this month, 4th cycle after, I finally ovulated on day 14 again. And I got my bfp!

I did notice my PMS symptoms had changed slightly after my chemical.
I also noticed my cm was drier thru out the month.

I'm sorry you had this experience but lots of women have stories of getting pregnant pretty quickly after a chemical!

1 year ago

@espence hi sorry you had to go through that too prayers and so excited you got a BFP congrats!!! Question, were you trying through all those months or just giving your body and cycle time to get back to normal? Thanks appreciate the reply i am on a 28 day cycle as well ovulation on day 14 so lets see how this goes.

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@maazaa hi there sorry you went through that also its so sad and happens do quick you barely have time to take it all in. I hope and pray you get a BFP keep me posted good luck!!

1 year ago • Post starter

We were trying. I was using opks Nd taking prenatal vitamins. We had perfect timing for sex in November but still got a bfn. On the other months our timing was a bit off because of schedules.

This month when I got my bfp I had started taking evening primrose oil to help with my cm, I took it until I got a positive opk. But we only had sex 3 days before ovulation and ended up pregnant.

This is just my experience, everyone is different! I was really angry after mine because I had read of so many women getting pregnant the month after and it didnt happen for me. I was really happy I had jumped right back into ttc because it helped me keep focus on somethi g and not dwell in my loss.

1 year ago

Hi there. So sorry about your CP. I had a CP around the same time as you. I got my first BFP on 12/30 and only faint lines on progressive tests and then started bleeding on 1/2. My AF was a little heavier than usual. I'm on CD 16 today and still no O although i have tons of ewcm CM and 4 days of "high" fertility on clearblue advanced OPK. That is normal so far for me and last month (the month of my CP) my O was actually late by about a week for no clear reason. Its just so variable. I also had FSH/LH tested this month early in my cycle and the results were normal. So -- to answer your question, i did not O early after my CP and i'm not sure yet if i will be ontime or late this month. I will know in a few more days and then it will be a couple more weeks before i know if i get another BFP!

Espense -- congratulations!!!

1 year ago

I had a CP in November. I don't chart BBT so I'm not 100% positive, but my CM, CP and OPK's seem to point that I ovulated normally, counting the first day of bleeding for the MC as CD1. We started TTC again immediately, and we did not conceive that cycle. I pinned a lot of hope on conceiving right away after reading all the accounts of people being so much more fertile and immediately becoming pregnant. Obviously it's possible but didn't work for us. I kindof went through a second grieving period after that cycle... I think I had stuffed my sadness expecting to get pregnant right away again.
Anyway. The timing of my cycles so far seem to be normal, although my hormones were bonkers on that first cycle. Hot flashes, extreme irritability, etc. We are nearing the end of our 4th cycle TTC, second cycle after CP. I'm having some encouraging symptoms but still pulling BFN's.
Baby dust!

Hoping to grow our family!

1 year ago

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