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3rd time lucky

My husband and I have been ttc for 10 months. We’ve had 2 chemical pregnancies already. Just did an early pregnancy test this morning as we’re going to movieworld with family tomorrow and got a positive result. Definitely over the moon excited but also very scared. ???????????????? This will be our lucky time.

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6 days ago

Thank you!! Now just got to get through the next few weeks and hopefully I’ll be able to put my mind to rest. Just trying to have positive thoughts!!

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Thank you!! I tested again a few Days later and the positive line is was a lot stronger. I’m so excited but still scared of something going wrong but I just keep telling myself to think positive and everything will be ok!!

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Congratulations on your positive result. I understand your finding it hard to stay positive with your history as I've previously miscarried myself and now 5 week pregnant again. I've found it helpful to go to my GP and have my blood drawn a couple of times to show the rise in HCG, i also go for a walk each day and say to myself "i am happy and healthy and have a beautiful healthy baby growing inside me". That'[s really helped \me stay calm!
Good luck!!

1 day ago

Thank you. Yes I just keep telling myself everything is ok this is our time and that everything will be ok. My doctor is on holidays for a few weeks he’s back early feb so I’ll definitely be going in to see him then. I’m a week behind you as I’m only 4 weeks. I’m doing my best to stay confident because I know how bad stress and worry can be.
Good luck and a big congratulations to you also!!

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