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September/October 2019 babies

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Mornin' Ladies

Welcome back to the new month lol... TTC/Symptom spotting ( ) discussion for all our September/October TTC buddies...

Find me girls !!

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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Sorry me again ladies I’ve just had a panic, if this is my peak I’m anxious because I have my smear test booked in for the 31st so I’ll be 5/6 dpo could this ruin my chance on getting pregnant?

2 years ago

I had my smear during the fertile window that I had my CP but not sure if that was the reason it failed But it is very important you have it so try not to worry xx

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2 years ago

@anna I am soo sorry love!! it sucks it honestly sucks!!!
@ Pandorica I am sorry AF toyed with you so much! but like you and Anna said on to the next month
@VLS COngrats my dear thats a line!!!
@ Alex you are so sweet!! I really hope we all get our BFP next month so we can continue our journey together!

As for me, AF still hasnt showed but I am thinking today is the day. my boobs stopped hurting yesterday and that's usually a sign its coming. After reading reviews on Amazon I decided to take the plunge and buy the Fertility Tea from Pink stork. So many women on there said that they got pregnant on their first month, and the ones that didnt said that it regulated their cycles. so heres hopping that it helps. I am just waiting for AF to show her Evil face.

2 years ago

@vs the sensitivity of the test will definitely make a difference as to whether or not you see progression. I see a line in your picture though! Congrats!

@dee good luck with the tea! Let us know how it goes

2 years ago

Hello all,
I'M Andreea, my husband and I are TTC from a year now and we've been through a lot since august 2018. We found out that his spermiogram was bad. Since november the doctor gave him treat. and we hope this month to succeed . I'm 9~10 dpo now, tested this morning bfn. I know it's early...but the FRER in my drawer was calling me ...LOL

2 years ago

Hello ladies,

Sorry Ana soldier on. Your baby is coming. Just keep praying. And seeing doctors.

Sorry for all the AFs as well.

@Emma you should be bd

I think im on my fertile time finally watery cm.

<img src=

2 years ago

Just wanted to share my amazing opk, I’ve never had one like this so think I’m definitely going to ovulate this cycle exciting

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2 years ago

So AF just arrived, and I have already made my appointment with REI this afternoon. the tea is supposed to get here tomorrow ( it works.
On to next month!!

2 years ago

@Emma yay! Opk looks great.
@Lalou: good news. Have fun baby dancing!
@Vs congrats!
@kait: it will happen and you will be a fantastic mom!
@Anna, Dee and Pandorica sorry the witch came. All 3 of you are strong amazing ladies and the way you are keeping your heads up is inspiring. It's a hard journey but you will get there!!
@Camille that sounds so promising! BFP on the first try would be amazing
@Teacher: why are you not supposed to do your own research? I think it is a great thing to do! Doctors are great and they go to school for a long time so I absolutely want to consult them to be part of my decision making process for my health but I'd never leave my health or my kids' health exclusively in the hands of one doctor. I applaud you for doing your own research and taking your health into your own hands! I hope you get great results.

2 years ago • Edited

@agatch im so glad to hear from you. How are you? Unfortunately we might not be able to bd for the next 3 months. I started my internship and my mum is here to help me care for baby during the day. And at night time baby still cosleep with us most of the time. I am just too exhausted to sleep train him.

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2 years ago

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