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6DPO I hate the TWW

So as I edge closer to the end of my TWW, my resolve to test diminishes!

Last month my AF finally turned up on 18DPO. I am pretty sure I had a chemical pregnancy as I have vvvf positives then negatives and the very late cycle (5 days late). Then this cycle I got a positive OPK on CD9! Completely unheard of for me in all my years of testing. I did a little bit of research and it is common to ovulate early after a chemical or miscarriage - which is why I'm pretty confident that is what I had. Plus I definitely had strong pregnancy symptoms for a few days when I got my positive tests (nausea and head rushes).

So anyway here I am with all my fingers crossed for this cycle. We have BD'd at all the right times following SMEP. On paper it looks good but we all know that it is just luck that we get the sticky bean.

I'm hoping to hold out until next Monday (another 7 days) before testing UNLESS I get very strong symptoms again, then I may crack open one of my saved tests in the cupboard!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year!


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37 Comments • 1 year ago



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Hey girls! We’re all too close! I’m also 6dpo today and even tho I was very proud of my self that I haven’t tested yet, few hours now I was watching live pregnancy test You tube videos (I’m pathetic I know, don’t judge lol) and now I really want to test. I think tomorrow morning I won’t find the strength to resist

@mamacj I’ve never been pregnant but I’ve heard many times the milk leaking as an early pregnancy symptom

It’s so nice to have a group of ppl who are experiencing this same agony. Ttc feels so lonely sometimes!
Fingers crossed ladies

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1 year ago

Well I always go with the your not out till af is fully here!
But I saw on the other post about your mini moon and dates .... so maybe that's you sign for next cycle!

1 year ago

I'm at dpo 5.... trying to wait until af or strong symptoms to test...but we shall see lol
I had a chemical in september, they suck, I'm sorry you experienced one as well.

1 year ago

Thanks Espence! Good luck to you too! It's so difficult waiting. The first 5-6 days is fine for me, but it's the final week when you think you might get a vvvvf positive on a test that I struggle with! I've been through so many gallery pics and it's definitely better to wait till 14DPO to test. xx

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1 year ago • Post starter

Doing a clomid/black cohosh cycle. CD 8 for me, so I think I still have a week before I O!


1 year ago

According to this site I'm 5 DPO but it could be more. Past two days I've started having breast tenderness. Yesterday I had a weird pinching in my uterus/lower abdomen. Heartburn started last night. This morning after I ate it kicked in again and since I don't have tums at work, as I don't have heartburn usually, it's been having a party all day. Last month with my BFN I had all the OMG boob tenderness but not the pinching or heartburn. Really hoping this time it's a BFP.

1 year ago

6DPO. My boobs have been KILLING me...aching, full feeling, heavy, and sore even up to my arm pits...since yesterday (5dpo). I just rubbed them after I took my bra off becythey hurt so bad and small drops of milk...milky white milk...kept coming out! I haven’t had any milk leaking since I weened my son over two years ago!! I’m praying this is a sign for a BFP but i tested today stupidly and of course it was negative.
ANYONE have this happen?? This early??
Nothing like this has every happened before.

Trying not to get too hopeful and excited ????????????????

1 year ago

hey ladies, I'm either 2DPO or 4DPO

1 year ago

Good luck @Millbarnet! You are starting the fun part! @Inu I've been having very strong heart burn! I'm hoping it is a good sign too! xx
@mamacj I had that too this week! My daughter is 2 now and I had some milky discharge. I didn't realise that is potentially a sign too. Good luck!
@Mommy Stay strong! When do you plan on testing?
@Alex hahaha! I'm so like you. I get my fix looking at other people's tests.

Well ladies - I well and truely buckled this evening. So the weakest of evening pees on an internet cheapie. I've uploaded the pic...I THINK I see a hint of something! Obviously I'm now testing in the morning! xx

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1 year ago • Post starter

@scuba i see it too!! ???????? It is darker tomorrow!! So exciting!!

My boobs are still doing their thing and I have noticed I’ve been peeing much more than normal today. I buckled too and tested but didn’t see anything yet. Going to test again in the morning with FMU. Hoping i get a little glimpse of something!

Good luck ladies ????

1 year ago

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