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I’m confused

How Can I Be 8 days late for my period had a few positive tests now barely nothing no symptoms apart from the odd nausea & boobs hurting? What is going on? Any suggestions? Xx

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A possible chemical pregnancy.


1 year ago

Don’t you bleed tho

1 year ago • Post starter

A chemical pregnancy is when you test positive for pregnancy but experience a loss shortly after implantation and before 5 weeks.

It is called chemical because the only evidence of the pregnancy is the temporary increase of hcg and nothing can be seen on an ultrasound.

Sometimes it can be delayed after the loss, but yes, you would bleed with a chemical pregnancy.

If you are 8 days late then you are beyond 5 weeks. It sounds like you aren't bleeding?

So a few things:
Are you sure of your dates?

Do you have normal cycles? For me, I have 31 day cycles, so I am not actually late, when my period shows up after 28 days. If your cycles are longer it changes how far along you are.

Do you know when you ovulated? Cycles can vary but AF is usually always arriving 12 to 14 days after O. This can change your dates and how far along you are.

HPT brands matter too. It seems like you have been testing. Are you using the same brand every time? Brands have different sensitivities. You could be a blazing positive on one kind and a negative on another, using the same exact urine sample.

Also you shouldn't use HPTs to see if your hcg is going up for down. (I saw your other question about this.) Just like brands have different sensitivities, within a brand each test can vary. Not only that but how diluted the sample can vary.

If you are 8 days late and had some positive tests and now are having fading positive tests, I think the best thing to do is to call a doctor. Get a blood hcg test and then you will know for sure if you're pregnant. They can test every 48 hours to see if it is going up as it should. Even without a blood test, speaking with a medical professional should ease your anxiety.

Symptoms are not always consistent especially in early pregnancy. However if you were having strong symptoms that suddenly stopped with or without cramping or bleeding, it is worth a call to discuss with a provider.

Good luck.

1 year ago

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