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OPK too sensitive or something more?

Hi ladies, I'm hoping somebody can help me out here with some experience or advice on this issue.

I've always found OPKs easy to read and when they've been negative they're clear negatives, but all of last month and so far this month all of my OPKs have been almost positive (apart from a surge on CD16 and 16 where the test line got super dark) before and after O was supposed to have occurred.

Do I need to be using less sensitive OPKs? These are 20miu, I read somewhere they can be too sensitive for some women? Or should I be worried about something more serious going on? I'm very anxious to go to the doctor as I'm terrified they will say there is something wrong with me

A bit of info about me in case it's relevant, I'm 29 and we have been ttc actively for about 16 months, and i have been off BC for just over 2 years. I have always had slightly irregular periods but they have been more irregular than usual over the past 4 or 5 months with my FP and LP varying by 3/4 days month to month.

Any and all comments and advice appreciated! X

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I find I always have a slight line on mine. No matter what brand I use. I dont think it's a cause to worry. My doctor knows what my opks strips look like and he has never voiced a concern

1 year ago

I wouldn't switch to something less sensitive, u could end up missing ur surge completely, or giving urself a shorter window to work within. A surge starts at 20, so it makes sense that u would want something that picks it up as close to the beginning as possible.
Are u temping? How do u confirm ur O date? FP can move around quite a bit for some, but LP shouldn't vary by more than a day or two. U may wanna look into some supplements to help regulate ur cycle/induce O.

1 year ago

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