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September 2019 babies TTC

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Sadly, welcome back to the new ttc group ladies!! Another month, another chance hopefully we catch it this time...

To the ladies who already ovulated, good luck and i hope we get a positive!

To the ladies waiting for ovulation, get it girl

And for the ladies with AF have a few drinks and get back to ttc girl !!

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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@ttcmyrainbowbaby It's crazy how similar our journeys are. I had a Miscarriage in November too. I'm currently ttc now and I'm 13 dpo . I hate the tww because I try so hard not to symptom spot and to be calm about it but, it never works.

On my journey of trying for my rainbow baby!

2 years ago

@shychey, I just messaged you before reading your story! Yes, so similar. when are you testing? I'm trying so hard to ignore these symptoms that I'm not sure are real or not

Dd - aug 2017 mc- Nov 2018 TTC Jan 1, 2019

2 years ago

10dpo. Not a hint of a line. AF Due in the next 1-2 days.

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2 years ago

Hello ladies!!! Congratulations to all the bfps and welcome to any new members here!!
Happy new year to everyone I wish to all health, peace in mind, happiness, love and of course a baby!!!!!

Cd 10 here for me and again I’m waiting O. Usually ovulating between CD11-13. We’re BDing every other day and I really hope this will be our moth!

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2 years ago

Welcome to the newbies as well...

@Alex still very helpful for you. That is the method we tried this month so .

@Katie how are things going?

@Jenny ...

Where is everybody at?

My temps.are still high this morning. I still don't know whether it was a late ovulation or implantation surge. So i m not going to test since I don't really know where I am. And just have Faith and wait. That is my new motto for this year too.

Happy New Year everyone. I got 2 new cousins yesterday. One through birth and another one through marriage. Stay blessed everyone.

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2 years ago

So I was driving myself insane by trying to understand what is going on to my cycle and landed on this article (see link below). I have a feeling that I might have not ovulated when I though and actually just did. So im overriding my ctp estimate date to Dec. 30th. That put me now at 2dpo. I will hold off to test for another week if my temp.does not get lower before then.

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2 years ago

Currently on cd33 I didn’t ovulate until cd 29 BUT I actually ovulated this cycle lol this 2ww is dragging, having long cycles suck, sorry to you all that af has turned up, how many ladies have got there this cycle ? I really hope this is out time after being at it for 12 months

2 years ago

BFN yesterday and this morning. I'm 12 DPO today. No obvious signs or symptoms of pregnancy or AF, and I had my temp drop a little this morning. AF is due to arrive tomorrow (13 DPO), and I'm trying to tell myself I'm not out until she shows her face. However, I think I'm out unless tomorrow's temp rises back up. We BD the day before ovulation, so my Hope's are a wee bit crushed right now.

2 years ago

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all the blessings a heart can know.

Sorry to all the ladies with AF. New year new beginnings.

@Lalou3tt3 not much updates on my part. I'm not tracking basal body temp nor OPK anymore (except when I see egg white cm). We BD everyday or every 2nd day. On CD22 & 3DPO. All the charting was too stressful and disappointing when I don't see the result I want. I find it less stressful on both of us when we agreed to make sure to BD at least every 2nd. We got to BD 5x during the fertile period this cycle. I'm better at assessing my CM. Last cycle, I noticed a blob of egg white CM but this cycle it was barely noticeable. Took OPK to double check it's positive for ovulation. Hope this help anyone who's stressed about charting.

2 years ago • Edited

JNMD08 there’s still hope x

2 years ago

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