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Cervical mucus

Who wants to share? Over the past 3 months I've really been paying attention to my cm. I never get ewcm but I do get a wet cm. Is this enough? What do you ladies experience cm wise? And on months you've gotten bfp did you have ewcm? What can I do to up this?

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I definitely get really thick clear stringy egg white mucus for about 3 days


11 days ago

Thanks for sharing!

11 days ago • Post starter

I dont get it either. I used to when I was way younger but now i dont. I started taking Vitamin A and B apparently they will help with it. I need to do more research on it.

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11 days ago

Watery cm and ewcm are both fertile mucus. What u get is just fine. U just need it to neutralize an otherwise hostile environment. I get ewcm in varying amounts, it really depends on what supplements I mess around with that cycle. Ideally, u want to increase estrogen levels for more cm. Hydration is also a big one. Some find EPO (evening promise oil, for those who don't know) works well. Others, myself included, notice no difference. Read up on GLA (gamma linolenic acid), it's the fatty acid required for quality cm, also why women take EPO to increase that acid/CM. Higher levels of GLA is found in BSO (borage seed oil), which I have noticed a difference with. If u wanna try supplements that will help with the egg and cm by increasing estrogen levels, there are a few good ones out there. I won't get into it all right now, cuz I really can go on forever about them (I love them that much), but if u want more info, lemme know.
Good luck! =))

10 days ago

Wow! Thank you for being such a wealth of information

10 days ago • Post starter

Anytime! Good luck! =))

10 days ago

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