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TTC September babies!

Thought it would be nice to start a September group for those of us who will be back at it again next cycle!

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Hey there! I'm with you girlfriend! Been TTC for 3 months after IUD removal and no success yet. I'm on CD4 today, expecting my fertile window next week and either AF or a BFP on Christmas Eve!!

19 days ago

my suggested test date is also Christmas eve!

19 days ago • Post starter

Awesome! We are in this together! Come on -- we've got this!!! Also my fertile window is finally lining up with my lunar cycle this month, so i'm really hoping this is it!

19 days ago

@Lindsayrs wondering how you're doing this week? I'm getting geared up for my fertile window next week.

16 days ago

Hey y’all! I’m glad you are making this group early:). I always see these groups pop up when I’m already half way through my cycle so we all must be pretty close cycle buddies! I’m trying some new things this month like temping and Premama fertility support this month????????????????

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16 days ago

Very anxious to start my opk’s this cycle, dh and I have decided to try and bd every other day this cycle (starting Saturday) so we don’t miss our window! How is everyone else feeling?

15 days ago • Post starter

Today’s opk was negative (as expected) but hubby is still willing to bd just in case lol.

14 days ago • Post starter

Hello everyone,

I am just starting today cd1. Also hoping for a xmas baby. Im ttc#2 and my baby just turn 1y 1week ago. I ttc#1 for 4y and some and im right back at it again lol. I have pcos and hashimoto disease which make it really hard for me. This cycle im planning on being consistent with my meds, vitamins. I am also planning on temping. Since I am still nursing I cannot drink any fertility tea yet. I am going to try following the keto diet and do some yoga. What are y all plans ladies?

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13 days ago

Sending baby dust your way that this will be your cycle! I’m also taking vitamins and opks, I’m on cd8 so getting close to my fertile window!

13 days ago • Post starter

Hi ladies! How is everyone?

I hope everyone gets their wish this xmas! Praying for you all. I am hoping to have a bfp this xmas eve too. I am due ovulate in 5 days.

By the way, are any of you taking flaxeed oil? A gf said she took it and she got a bfp a month after taking 5 pills a day. I was doing my research and apparently it is safe and it helps with fertility. Atm I'm taking elevit , vit c, b6 . I'm eating super healthy too ???? so I just pray for a positive this month.

13 days ago

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