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Long term TTC unexplained infertility

Hiya ladies, so this cycle marks 2 years since we started ttc. We've had no positive hpts in the time, not even a hint of a line, only soul destroying evaps . The doctors tests have come back normal for me and DH so it's been put down to unexplained infertility, but honestly I'd rather have been told it was something wrong with one of us that could be treated.

I'm getting more and more heartbroken every month I see that stark white test. I was hoping maybe some members would be able to share their stories of unexplained infertility and any success stories out there?

I just need that little bit of hope I'm not alone in this so any and all experiences shared will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all for taking the time to read my post

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I think what helped us was the HSG that were done. My tests and scan came back normal and my husband only had a minor "problem" with his sperm, that the doctor didn't think would hinder us (lower % of motility, but instead triple the normal amount of swimmers). I got pregnant the same cycle as the HSG. We were fortunate to only have to ttc for 17 months.

This time we are close to 2 years ttc and can't get any checks, or help if we need it, unless we go to a private clinic. So this will be my 2nd cycle of trying the maca root and I am seeing a huge difference with my ovulation. Instead of having a really short peak and usually missing it with regular opk, I now have a peak that lasts for about 2 days. It still remains to be seen if it will help us conceive, but all the positive reviews maca gets gives me hope.

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1 year ago

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