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2nd Try Success: What We Did

Hi Ladies:

Just wanted to share my TTC story in hopes that it’s helps with anyone else’s journey.

Since January 2018, Husband and I have said, “We’re not trying, but we’re not ‘not trying.’” So August we decided to give it a trial run...However, both of us had poor diets, drinking way too much alcohol, not physically active, back-to-back BD days that led to husband’s burnout, peeing immeadiately after BD, and I was not taking a prenatal vitamin. We did not take it seriously and AF came thereafter.

September came and we both decided to clean up our acts! I basically stopped drinking, made him strictly limit his alcohol intake, watched our diets, got a little more active, I started back up with my meditation I had abandoned long ago, and I started taking prenatal a vitamin.

What We Did (Method and Tools):
• Used Fertile Window according to iPeriod app I’ve been using since 2011 to track cycles
• BD every other day and bonus BD after Ovulation day
• Used First Response OPKs to confirm Fertile Window and pinpoint Ovulation
• Used Pre-Seed (half-filled tube) before BD
• Took Mucinex for 3 days before and 3 days after Ovulation to loosen CM (On Ovulation day my EWCM was really runny, never seen that before in my life!)
• Immediately after BD I inserted a Diva Cup
• Laid very still in bed with hips propped under pillows for 25-30 mins, no peeing until after this time with Diva Cup already inserted
• After OPKs we’re back to negative, I took a chopped up Bromelain tablet (cut in 1/4) for 5 days (Said to help with implantation)
• We each took one shower with cold water during my Fertile Window because our water heater broke down. After we got it fixed I started turning the water cold at the end of my hot shower a few times a week

I have been using HPTs since February and thought this cycle would provide no different results—After seeing so many BFNs you start to think it’s never going to happen.

Tested 9, 10, 11 DPO. All were stark white BFNs

Then the morning of 12 DPO...BOOM! A second pale pink line showed up!

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Wow that's amazing congrats to you both!! And a

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9 months ago

Thank you!! Same to you I see!

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