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Praying it's our month

10 dpo today and have been feeling a bit off since a few days after ovulation. It started with decreased appetite and bad heartburn in the evening. When that disappeared I started having som light nausea and at 6 dpo I had some really sharp pain on my right side. I've had some pulling and pinching on my right side ever since. My bbt chart looks good at the moment. I took a test at lunch on a 3 hour hold and got what I think is a faint positive. However, when I looked at the test an hour later it was completely negative. I have a predictor early (similar to a frer) that I'm gonna take tomorrow with fmu. Really, REALLY hoping that this is our month! We've been ttcing for more than 19 months now and my son is definitely ready and waiting for a sibling.

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@DiviniumLiv. I had wicked heartburn on my tww and I never had heartburn with my previous pregnancy. My boobs were sore on the sides and my nipples were always erect even when I wasn't cold. I also got really dry hands but I also thought it was from winter (BFP confirmed in January). Praying this is it for you and that this is your BFP.

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1 year ago • Edited

Just had a light heartburn with my son, but that came later on. This early on I barely had any symptoms at all. I'm crossing my fingers so hard for a bfp! But so far it's only really light lines. Even the frer is so faint it's hard to see. And when I upload the pics the line doesn't show. But I still have a few days left until af is supposed to show up.

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