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Conceive plus lubricant or preseed?

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Hi! Has any used conceive plus lubricant or preseed and any success stories?
Thinking about trying it after 8 months trying with no joy!!

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Sounds about right for implantation bleed for you! Around 6 dpo right? Well I felt icky 2 nights ago! At night. .. sore boobes and headache! As well as ew cm... and constipation and gassy... no pink or brown bleeding!! But I'm hopeful for this month xoxo I decided to buy more tests too lol these ones will turn up on the 27th I hope.. of this weekend... I can't remember lol

2 years ago

I ordered more 2 days ago and they arrived today! I feel totally normal. Boobs a little tender but not substantial. I'm on 6dpo today. So would've been awful early if it was implantation! Fingers crossed anyways!
I had a missed miscarriage 2 years ago and had to have a d & c so I'm afraid that some damage was done then

Hopefully not! You're symptoms sound good though!!

2 years ago • Post starter

Hi, we used preseed when ttc our daughter 3 years ago, it worked the 2nd month using it (along with bbt, opk strips and cb fertility monitor). Used it again this month and fx it worked, too early to know grr! I used it as an internal injection and on “his parts” haha. Good luck!

2 years ago

I'm sorry to hear about your loss hun, hugs... though I'm sure with a checkup they would inform you if there is any scarring or damage... but maybe next cycle you could ask for a scan or something to be sure of that..
I read implantation can happen anywhere from 5-14 dpo, but I'm playing for the both of us... I hope my tests get here soon.. only having one test in the whole house is kinda a bummer lol I'm a POASA lol ^_^

Maggilu76, that's awesome :) and me and OH used pre seed, clear blue dual hormone ovulation tests and checking cervix... but only time will tell.

Here's hoping for our this cycle xoxo gl ladies and to us :)

2 years ago

Thanks love, I think I'll make an appointment to see the doctor to get checked over. All thiroid cholesterol etc was good the last time I was in so no worries with that but might just go in and see anyways!!

I'm a bit of an addict too, trying to keep it hidden from the hubby though!

2 years ago • Post starter

Yeah that's the best thing to do! My tubes had collapsed! So they opened them a few years ago! I thought I was fine... you know what they say... better safe than sorry hun xoxo

I know... I'm trying to hide it from OH too lol with hardly any luck lol he said I was addicted to using the clear blue opks lol.... imagine what he's gonna say when I tell him I bought 22 pregnancy tests lol (10 cassettes, 10 midstream's and 2 clear blue plus) lol xoxo

2 years ago

I'm so glad I'm not the only crazy so!!

I only order the cheapie online but I work in pharmacy so I get all the digital and first response at work!!

2 years ago • Edited • Post starter

Trust me. Your totally not alone lol I always want to make sure there's a progression... though I mostly get disappointed when they get lighter around af due...

Do you get them like half price or free or something?? I ordered the answer brand of first response earlier Lol couldn't help myself. .. :)


2 years ago

I have never tracked progression, hoping I'll have a reason to soon though!

Don't get them free I'm afraid but get a discount on them so it makes them more reasonable! My boss is great for competive pricing so they aren't too bad then!

2 years ago • Post starter

Yeah, all my pregnancies never went further than 5weeks 4 days... so I hardly had any progression, if I had a little progression it would be gone soon enough... so I would like to see any progression... :)

Discount is awesome specially on the top brands :) your lucky lol got the midstream tests this morning, though I'm holding out lol its defiantly far too early for me! Either 6 or 3 do! !! So idk lol xoxo

You had any other symptoms? ? Nothing much new for me other than higher sex drive!!! Lol xoxo

2 years ago

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