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Help! (Opinions needed)


I'm 2 days late, BUT, I wanted to fill you all in on my cycles. I have been off of BC since January 2017. I had somewhat normal cycles when it comes to length. They would last anywhere from 28-31 days. I had 3 cycles (March, July, and November of 2017) that my cycles lasted almost 40 days. Since November 2017, I have been back to normal cycle lengths of 29-32 days.

Today's is day 32, and I still do NOT have my normal PMS symptoms. I usually get super sore breasts, cramps, and acne, and those symptoms usually start about 5-3 days before I start.

This past week, I have had nothing but bloating m, which feels like a big gas bubble is in my abdomen constantly, and some constipation. A couple of days ago, I developed sore nipples, but nothing too sore. They feeling resembles not wearing a bra and a shirt rubbed up against them all day. This morning, I woke up with a tight lower back, which almost feels as though I just need to really stretch it out, it stretching does not help.

Last week I started getting EWCM, and 2 days ago, started getting creamy white CM.

I used the "when to test" calculator, and it turns out I'm not able to test with a reliable result until July 8th. (I tested July 4th and got a BFN)

I was just wondering I'd i should get excited, or pump my brakes. Lol

What do you all think?!

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Birth control can mess around your cycles I went from 27 day cycles to 44 day cycles to 32 day cycles. But the EWCM could be a good indicator as I had in in May with my pregnancy. Hoping for a bfp this cycle as well... and keep us posted!

6 years ago


My cycles seem to have regulated the last 7 months, maybe being off a day or two longer than usual. I still haven't gotten AF, and for the past week and a half, I have constantly felt bloated. When getting my AF, I usually don't bloat until i actually start. I am thinking of calling my gynecologist to see about getting some bloodwork done

6 years ago • Post starter

I know with my pregnancy I was so bloated that it actually hurt. I think it's a good idea to get bloodworks done and to see your gynae as they'll be able to clear things up for you. Maybe you just ovulated late and is still in your 2WW.

6 years ago

Thanks! I took another test again tonight and I got a white line. I still have not gotten a BFP, but I am 6 days late. I'll let you know!

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Keep me posted! I'm 16dpo and ran out of tests so I ordered yesterday and just waiting for delivery. I keep getting twinges in my right side and my boobs are killing me (but can't say for sure if it's just muscle sore from exercise or hormones)... I know some people only get positives from 18dpo+... "You're not out till the witch arrives"

6 years ago

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