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Any tips on how to get pregnant?

Hey guys,

Any suggestions on how to get pregnant? What did you guys do? (Other then already have sex) lol I mean like did you guys take any vitamins or do anything that can help me? Any advise would be great

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I took Maca capsules to help regulate my cycles after having my daughter back in 2016 after 8 months of trying. Also took baby asprin till I found out I was pregnant (supposed to make the utetine lining thicker). I bought vitamines from the States called "Conceive Easy" as it worked the first time with my first pregnancy (3 months) but this time it took longer than expected (8 months) and couldn't figure out why. But when it came down to trying, I took my temps and used opks along with a bit of pre-seed as hubby wasn't too fond of it. I started noticing that after the birth of my daughter that I would spot before my period and I never did that before. Decided to try progesterone cream (on a whim) and got pregnant the first month trying it. Now, I'm 24 weeks and having a baby boy.

I guess my only suggestion is to track your temps (preferably vaginal) as mouth will lower the temps and buy some OPKs and Pre-seed (mimicks vertile cm). I bought the First Response Ovulation kit for the month and once you got your "yes" then you would ovulate in the 24-36hrs so best to do the deed then. Don't do the deed too often as the swimmers need time to rejuvenate and build up. I read on here that if you do the deed twice in one day that the second time around is better. Not sure how true that is. I'm sure I'm forgetting somethimg but call it pregnancy brain lol. Hope this helps.

2 years ago

Take ur prenatal vitamins, use Preseed and chart ur cycles. OPKs are helpful too. Good luck!


2 years ago

Oh yes, knew I forgot something lol. Like Jessegirl says, I took prenatal vitamines.

2 years ago

Thank you guys

2 years ago • Post starter

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