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Clear Blue Digital Opk

Has anyone used Clear Blue Digital Opk??
I used them after my MC in feb just to see if/when I ovulated. I got a high and next day peak. So does that mean every time I will only get 1 high and 1peak??

I started using them this cycle again. I am on CD16 of a 32 day cycle. And have been testing since CD12 and still nothing but low. My CM seems to be watery started yesterday. I usually Ovualte CD-17-18.

So question is Will I always just get 1 day of each?? I know every women is different and I do temp. Should I be using them only in morning? I have used them with a 10-11am Urine. Not 1st morning.

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Its hard to say, u *should* get more than 1 high, but that can vary per cycle, it is basing things off what ur hormones are doing. The urine ur using could also be altering ur results. I'm not sure about the instructions for the reader, but the monitor requires fmu. For me, my fmu sucks ass. I can have a stick that would read as a low (due to how weak my urine is) then test 2hrs later with smu and have a peak. Ya kinda gotta play around with which urine is the best for u. If u can burn through a cpl sticks for a day or so, try a few test times and see which looks best, then stick with that (rough) time and hold time etc. If u have watery cm, u should be getting highs...urine may be the issue.
Good luck! =))

2 years ago

Thank you. I’m going to try with fmu tomorrow. I would think to I would be getting highs too. I just thought my FMU was not so good(don’t know why) but also bc I always got a positive opk mid day on regular pink dye opks. I have the CTP and FF charts going and both say I’m in my fertile week. So I’m still DTD even though I can’t seem to get a positive opk yet. Will update in the morning.

2 years ago • Post starter

Not sure which opk's u use, but they may be a lower sensitivity than the CBA. Generally, mine are positive at the same time (my surges seem to show on smu around 8am), but I have had many cycles over the years where CB peaked before the opk was pos, and vice versa. I def prefer the dual hormone testing tho, it's easier to foresee O, imo.
Hopefully u get better results with fmu.

2 years ago

I got my flashing smiley this morning!! With FMU...thank you for your help!! Time to get busy! Today is CD17. So if my FF chart is correct then O Day is Monday.

2 years ago • Edited • Post starter

Thats great! How are they doing now? Have u hit ur peak yet?

2 years ago

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