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February 2019 babies

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Just wanting to find the ladies expecting February babies! Ive been seeing lots of bfps and wanted to say hi and congratulations! I got my bfp last week and my edd is February 8. I already have two February babies so i was kind of surprised when i got my bfp. Anyone want to share their story?

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@KBRO2689 yeah I remember ?? We are around the same time which will be nice to follow each other’s journey along with all the other ladies in the post!
For me with it being my first pregnancy I got my faint positive pretty early at only 11 days post ovulation. My GP in Australian is free so went to see her and she straight away suggest bloods to confirm and then bloods 48 hours later to confirm numbers are doubling.
With this being my first pregnancy I was also really confused as to what to do next so I went to my GP today who did a full set of bloods including HCG again and has given me a refferal for a dating scan to make sure everything is where it should be!
Feeling really lucky that my GP is being this thorough as I’ve read so many stories of people having to wait and I’m not patient enough for that!
I feel like if you go in for you gyno appointment you’ll be able to get a step by step of what’s to come for the first trimester. My doctor went through this with me today so feeling a lot more calm knowing what she has planned next for me ! Don’t hesitate to ask for things from your doctor, they’ll often given you more if they know you know what you’re talking about. I’m a registered nurse so maybe that’s helping in the way my doctor is being so thorough!
@senyeart4 100% agree this is my first pregnancy but already having a GPthat is thorough and able to answer my question despite me being so early on has been remarkable I feel like everyone should feel that way about there doctors

1 year ago

That's awesome! It is really hard to find such a good doctor. Im glad they were so good as to take the time to explain things and put you at ease. I find the doctors here in the states just rush and don't take the time to explain. Pregnancy is so overwhelming and you worry about everything(or maybe thats just me lol)!

1 year ago • Post starter

@senyeart4 no I completely agree, so many stories I’ve heard have really painted Doctors horribly in pregancy especially early pregnancy so I was nervous but she has been great with everything so far. Fingers crossed it stays this way and hopefully KBRO2689 is able to find someone who is willing to put it the time!
Have you had any scans yet @senyeart4 ?

1 year ago

Not yet. Im 6w 3d. My ob likes to do scans at about 8 weeks but since my losses were at 10,12,10 weeks, i got them to push it out to 10 weeks. So, just a little less than 4 weeks to go, which is an eternity! But i know i will have way too much anxiety weeks 10 to 13 if i don't wait. Who am i kidding, i will be stressing either way lol Early pregnancy is so darn hard!

1 year ago • Post starter

Oh okay that’s fair enough. Sorry about your loses I hope this baby is healthy
With it being my first pregnancy I’m so super glad to be getting an early scan even if I only see the gestation sac as I just want to know it’s where it should be but I understand feeling nervous around that time mark for you !
I’m going overseas for 2 weeks around that time which I am nervous about so really glad I’m getting a scan before I go

1 year ago

Hello & congratulations!
I got my BFP @ 9 dpo & my due date is Feb 1st! This is so exciting to me since this is going to be my first! Hope everyone has a happy & healthy 9 months!!

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1 year ago

Congratulations Sabrinaaababy! That's so exciting! Welcome to the February club!

1 year ago • Post starter

Congrats everyone!

I did my last ic today with almost equal lines, and a digital that showed 2-3 still. My only symptoms so far are sensitive brests and nipples, and now and then mild aches in lower abd. I did get a hunger attack tonight and had to have a cookie while waiting for dinner, but I sometimes get them anyway. At least I've passed the mark where my last short pregnancy ended (that was about 5+2-3 and I'm 5+4 today). I've got a scan scheduled but it's July 13, so a long way away still... Almost 9 full weeks then, if this one ever makes it that far. A couple of days after the scan I'm going to see my family (I live in another country), and hopefully can give good news!

How's everyone else?

1 year ago

That's great ramenia! Every little step cliser to holding our little babies is a blessing! My scan is July 16th so the Monday after yours! I haven't had too many symptoms except horrible acid reflux and mild cramping and stretching in my uterus. I have strong strong smelling nose when pregnant and everything smells awful lol. I do have nausea and gagging every now and then.

1 year ago • Post starter

Congratulations ramenia How exciting.
I’ve got my first scan on Tuesday, am worried I won’t see anything as I’ll only be 6 weeks. I don’t want to have my hopes up and be let down if I don’t see anything. I have been having some mild/ some what painful cramping from what I’m assuming is stretching of my uterus and having been having some lower back pain, some nausea but no vomiting and my nipples are still super senesitive but loving it all as it makes me feel like things are starting to become a bit more real!

1 year ago

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