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February 2019 babies

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Just wanting to find the ladies expecting February babies! Ive been seeing lots of bfps and wanted to say hi and congratulations! I got my bfp last week and my edd is February 8. I already have two February babies so i was kind of surprised when i got my bfp. Anyone want to share their story?

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How cool, kbro! It's fun to be able to see those little pokes and jabs! Just wait till you see the little knee or elbow trying to poke you its so weird!
I haven't been doing so great these days. Been having horrible digestive issues and now having some heart issues and its scaring me into panic attacks. They have a heart monitor on me for 2 weeks to see how it goes. I have another scan in two weeks to see if my placenta has moved away from my cervix or nnot and to check baby's growth since i haven't gained any weight for a couple months due to the digestive issues i can't really eat. Hope everyone else is doing well.

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Hey everyone! I'm just checking in to see how everyone is doing. @senyeart4 I am sorry for all the issues you have been having lately. Did you have your appointment? I hope everything is going ok with you.

1 year ago

Hey ladies,
I’m almost 29 weeks so imagine everyone is getting along themselves it’s all starting to feel real. I’ve mostly been the same had a few more hospital trips with my hyperemesis gravidurum and along with KRBO I’m getting pretty chronic reflux/heartburn. Still very little which every second person likes to remind about! Still about 5kg lighter than I was before I fell pregnant from all of this being sick but a lot more good days then bad and I’m looking forward to going off work in about 5-6 weeks in the new year so I can spend some quality time with my husband before our little bundle of joy comes along!

@senyart4 I’m so so sorry to hear things haven’t been going well, I know that this must be so scary for you with your history on top of the normal amount of fear anyone would have! I know it’s easier said than done but baby always takes what it needs so even if you’re not gaining weight doesn’t mean baby isn’t doing well! Try to remember that hope you’re doing okay and that you’re appointment went okay, if there is anything at all I can do for you, or if you just need to come here and vent please do so. We are all always here, I’ll be checking in on here a bit more in hopes to hear from you, sorry ive been a bit MIA on here but am back and here you you all if you ever need anything xx

12 months ago

Another week in hospital for me with my hyperemesis gravidarium at 31 weeks
Thinking of you all and hoping you’re doing better than myself! Hope to hear from you guys soon xx

12 months ago

Awe I'm sorry to hear that mrsjr96. Seems like we just can't catch a break. Thankfully we are both in the home stretch! Hopefully this last bit flies by and our babies are in our arms in no time.

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Just came back from the hospital. Ultrasound tech sent us there from appointment this afternoon. I only have 3mm left of my cervix, doctors at the hospital aren’t suggesting anything and have pretty much said not to worry about it! So confused. Do you guys have any experience with shortening of cervix or anything like that ? So worried about going into pre term labour I’m only 31+4.

11 months ago

Hey ladies! We're in the home stretch! I hope you all are doing well. So to update, I am just over 35 weeks. Had an ultrasound today because I had been measuring behind. Baby measured ahead and is a whopping 5lbs14oz!! She's a big girl! Only 4 or 5 weeks till she's here!!!

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Hi ladies, after a long and pretty terrible pregnancy I was induced for multiple reason (hyperemesis gravidurum, continuous episodes of pre term labour, irritable uterus, gestation hypertension, incompetent cervix) at 37 weeks a very quick labour, especially for a FTM- I dilated to 10cm in 1 hour and 15 minutes. My beautiful boy entered the world on the 30th January, we named him Noah Anthony Roach he was 7pounds exactly and other than spending a day in the NICU on the billibed for jaundice he was of perfect health. We came home 3 days later and he is now 12 days old and we are completely inlove. I really hope you’re all doing well

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10 months ago

@mrsjr96 congratulations
I am currently testing and the lines are getting darker hopefully this is my month!!!

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10 months ago

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