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February 2019 babies

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Just wanting to find the ladies expecting February babies! Ive been seeing lots of bfps and wanted to say hi and congratulations! I got my bfp last week and my edd is February 8. I already have two February babies so i was kind of surprised when i got my bfp. Anyone want to share their story?

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She tried to get me a 3d picture but baby girl wasn't cooperative and this was the best she could get

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1 year ago • Post starter

that is so great! active little baby! I can't wait for mine! I have my appt friday at 17 weeks-wish I could just get my anatomy scan now! I'm getting so anxious!

1 year ago

Hey ladies glad everyone is doing so well!
So glad your scan went well senyart4
Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with sickness KBRO2689, I had a few good weeks where the sickness settle down a bit only vomiting for half the day but yesterday was awful, haven’t been that bad in weeks! Today has been slightly better than yesterday but still not great. I have my morphology/ anatomy scan on Tuesday and we can find out baby’s gender
I’m 17 weeks 4 days today not really showing as I’ve lost a lot of weight (10kg or 22 pounds) from being so sick!
I’ve got a bit of a tummy at the end of the day but I think it’s more bloating than anything else!

1 year ago

omg mrsj-can't believe you were so sick you lost all that weight-hopefully it gets better soon! the next scan should be something to look forward to!

I had an appt today and the midwife said i passed my glucose test, blood pressure is good, and even though my BMI is high I have been doing good with my weight gain, which was only a pound or 2. Got my scan scheduled for 3 weeks away when I'm 20 weeks exactly so I'm so excited for that! Can't wait to see if my gut feeling is right and it's a girl! but healthy is all that really matters! Also it was so funny she was having a hard time finding the heartbeat because the baby was kicking and squirming all around! She said watch out you got an active one there!

1 year ago

Hey ladies,
Hope you’re all doing well!
I had my morphology scan last week which all went well, took almost 2 hours cause bub wouldn’t behave and kept moving but we got there in the end so weird to see all that movement on the screen and not feel a thing yet!
We found out we’ve got a little boy on board so that’s exciting
Still not feeling anything or showing as of yet just hoping that’s all to come. Hope you ladies we all doing well xxx

1 year ago

So glad everyone is doing so well! Yay! So we have 2 and 1 on this board, how exciting!
@kbro, i had an anterior placenta last time with my daughter and didn't feel much of anything until 20 weeks or so and even then i didn't feel constant movement until like 25 weeks.
I'm 22 weeks tomorrow and feeling baby moving lots! Definitely eases the anxiety. She tends to move around more when I'm holding or cuddling my daughter which is so cool! It's like they are bffs already!

1 year ago • Post starter

Aw KBRO2789 congratulations on your little girl how exciting for us all and senyeart4 congratulations on getting to 22 weeks it must be such a relief for you and I’m really glad everything is going smoothly for everyone ??
I have started to feel movement now and it’s such a magical feeling, I’ll be 21 weeks on Monday and just and just really counting it all day not just to meet my little bub but pregnancy hasn’t been kind to me thus far haha
I’ve been trying to work out when to go off work as it’s my first. When are you’ll ladies thinking of finishing up?

1 year ago

Hey everyone! I'm happy to hear everyone is doing well and congrats on the mrsjr and the kbro! I loved looking at your scan pics, senyeart! I can't wait to find out my baby's gender. My appointment is on the 18th. I'll let everyone know what I found out then. Right now I am 19 weeks today and definitely showing now and I can feel baby moving every day which is so nice. I have been talking a lot to my dd about the baby, reading stories, etc. and I think for an 18 mo. old she is able to understand somewhat. she likes to pull up my t-shirt and hug and kiss the baby which is so sweet :)

@mrsjr I stopped working a year ago to take care of dd at home but when I was pregnant with her I worked up until about 2 weeks before my due date. I think that was good timing but it was pretty hard there towards the end!

1 year ago

Yay! Congrats on your baby ! Im glad to hear she is growing perfectly! That makes 3 and 1.

1 year ago • Post starter

Hello everyone-hope you are all still doing well! I'm good here besides this stupid gagging/throwing up issue, and heartburn has kicked in good! But last night I SAW my baby move! I was just laying there and starting feeling the weird bubbles i have been (thinking it might be gas??) but it felt stronger, almost like a little i just sat there and watched and i saw a little poke or boop twice near my belly button! I'm sure that had to have been her! My SO then was feeling and said he felt the "bubbles" the same time i did! So that was awesome. I have another ultrasound friday which im excited for but also nervous like always..Hopefully all is well and I will see how much she had grown!

1 year ago

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