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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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@Kelliria. I failed the first test with my daughter so had to do thr 3hr after that. It was a long day. With this pregnancy, they automatically did the 3hr. Good thing i did that while I was at work.

@Beaut1ful38. Hoping the ultrasound goes well and that your numbers keep raising.

2 years ago

Good luck at your us @beaut1ful38 !

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2 years ago

Hi Ladies. Been a while. Good to see everyone doing well. I'm doing fine. 25 weeks tomorrow and had my appt today. Did the glucose screening, which I'm sure will be fine. I'm more worried about my iron levels. Baby girl is doing great. Hips are improving now that I'm not working at the office with all the walking. Only two more weeks before 3rd trimester!! I can't wait. I've now been officially assigned kick counts, so that's been a little nerve wracking. Headaches are still bad but I'm working from home now so I can sit in my armchair with my work computer and put a cold compress on my neck and it's bearable. Here's my 24+6 wk bump. I've only gained 13 lbs so far - even if it looks like 10 of them are in my upper arms lol. I think it's just an awkward position.

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2 years ago

@calvingirl. That's an awesome picture and love the shirt. I'm sure your glucose test will come out fine. Did you do the two hour or the three hour? They put me straight on three as I failed the first pregnancy one. Plus the drink is awesome anyways. Glad you are working from home, wish that was the case for me but the computer system isn't built that way yet. When is your next ultrasound or is that it for you?

@Beaut1ful38. How have you been feeling? Hope your ultrasound goes well and doesn't leave you with any amxieties or worrys.

As for me, some things to report. My 34th birthday is on Thursday so maybe () he will come on my birthday and make an awesome present for me. I'm almost in the nesting stage as we are going to rearrange my bedroom to accommodate the crib and that way he will be closer to me. Will start to pack my bag and get that ready as one never knows when the time will come. Saturday night I had some pretty bad braxton hicks (menstrual type cramps) on the lower right that were roughly 5-7 minutes apart that some took my breath away but then it stopped during the night. I'm pretty sure it's my body getting ready to start labour but it's just a question as to when. Doctor told me that his head is super low so that explains why walking/standing is so unbearable at times as when I'm sitting, I can feel him shift around at my pelvic bone area. Tomorrow morning is my ultrasound to check on his one heart valve to see if it has closed off and is working like the rest of them. I am a bit nervous as I'm praying that all is well and won't need an ultrasound when he is born. I will keep everyone updated as I get my results after lunch. My one girlfriend who is almost 18 weeks told me today that there is a ton of fluid around the baby, stomach, and I think the heart. He or she has extra chromosomes so it's a possibility that it could be Trisomy 18 and either the baby will pass in the womb on it's own or take a few breaths of life and then pass. Either or it still breaks my heart. Also, the baby may have dwarfism as the length isn't where it should be at for the gestational age. They were going to test the fluid for Down syndrome to rule out all the bad things first but the bone or something didn't close. Not sure what she means by that so they will try again on Wednesday. Other than all that the baby has all of his/her fingers and toes. Will keep everyone posted on that as I find out. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying every movement he/she does inside.

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@dragonfly - you're so close! So exciting. Happy early Birthday too! What a great birthday present if you have him soon.

AFM - I just got the results. I failed the 1hr screening test so next week I have to do the 3 hr GD tolerance test. I'm also low on iron (11), so have to go on supplements - which have made me very nauseous in the past, so not thrilled about either of those things. The good thing is I only failed by 4 pts (143) which could be attributed by the fact I ate breakfast (my test was at 130pm) and I'm on baby aspirin which apparently affects the test too. The nurse said I'd definitely pass the second one, but I have to go through with it.

2 years ago

@calvingirl. That sucks you failed the one hour test. They should make those in the morning so that you can eat after. I just finished my ultrasound and I have to go back at 1:00pm for the results. Right niw he is weighing at 5 lbs 13 oz so definately weighs more when I had my last ultrasound. Will post soon about my results. Wishme luck.

2 years ago

Appointment went well and doctor says the heart valve isn't leaking anymore so the baby is all in the clear. Now to just relax and wait for d-day to come.

2 years ago

Calvingirl, i failed my 3 hr with a 143 as well. Took the 3 hr on monday and it made me super sick. Lost my lunch, which was at 1pm, 1st thing i got to eat that day. Got my results back today and passed all 4 blood draws. Good luck. Not having my morning coffee was the worst. Lol.
Dragonfly, congrats on your boys heart valve! You can finally rest easy. I know you must have been worried sick. When is due date again?
I turned 28wks sunday. Still only gained 4 lbs. 147 to 151. Baby is healthy though so I'm kinda glad it is less weight to lose in the end. I go to the dr every 2 wks now. I'll have another u/s at 32 wks at a 3d ultrasound place and again at 36 wks at the dr to make sure my placenta moved more. It it even with her head at the moment. She is head down.

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@Kelliria. I'm due Oct 10. Such a relief and we can rest as he was a bit worried as well. I got weighed today and I'm 133.5 lbs and I started out with the weight of roughly 109 lbs. I'm not used to my weight being that high. Glad the baby is healthy and I'm surprised her head is down this early.

2 years ago

Dragonfly- I’m doing well! Just trying to stay relax and enjoy the little nausea I have. Some days are good some days it’s wow.
Wow it’s almost time for you to give birth.

Calvingirl- cute baby bump! I can’t wait to start showing Lol!

Kelliria- can’t wait to see ultrasound pictures. Head down already.

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