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TWW waiting DIY tests

As pregnancy tests can and are expensive it gets costly doing them too early or having them not register due to the fact maybe not enough HCG or perhaps right now you are not pregnant. I found a a page of DIY homemade tests that are fun and even if the result not show possibly positive it is not as much as a let down for me anyway as when I I only see one line instead of two tends to be. If you are into science as I am the experiments have been fun.

I done the standing urine one, so far it not showed positive yet. yesterday it looked as if perhaps there may been a thin layer of white on it. I let it sit, with a lid on it, for over 24 hours. They recommend letting it sit for that amount. At least 4 hours depending on DIY test you look at. I am just posting one page of tests but there been a few posted on the net.

I have had the baking soda last month fizzle, no positive. They recommend using a fresh box. I have one in fridge and it bubbled not really fizzled. After 20 weeks if you do the test it can be used as a gender prediction test. If lot of fizzles it a boy if not it is a girl. Future reference. LOL I have done the sugar test. It supposed to clump.
I had a new reaction this time. It clung to the qtip as it done before but if I lift qtip it seems to have sugar fall like flakes. It if disolves then no hcq, If falling like flakes it may have some clumping perhaps? Usually good to wait I think 5 or ten minutes. I had the flake resultin less than three.

Pinesol color change, you can use vinegar too. I not got positive for that one yet.

These may pass time and usually ingredients we have at home or get a lot cheaper than most pregnancy tests. They are fun and as I said if result not what you wanted it cheaper to repeat later than a pregnancy test and if a result seems positive it maybe a clue to your test being positive later. I have found them fun regardless. It has not been as much as a let down as the one line when you are thinking or seem to have symptoms. You can do it in the privacy of your home.

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