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Getting excited or am i crazy lol

Ok so my temps are rising steadily for the past 4 days temps im 8dpo but by pos opk im 6dpo (should note i had two really positive tests opk on cd 8-9 aswell weird)..i have hope as yesterday i tested and got a faint but visable line on 10mui test (waiting for more to be delivered today ) shouldnt have tested yesterday but couldnt help it as i feel warm down below a sign i had with all 5 ..if its neg i know its early but really weird that yest test was very visable colour. .whos in their tww ??

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I checked out your tests with the tools on you page. I definitely see a line on the green test. Is the OPK? It's harder for me with the blue one but with the contrast all the way up I think I see the start of something. Keep on testing! Good luck.

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4 months ago

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