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Well, I officially have a 5 month old! I can’t believe how fast time is going. While we were TTC (unsuccessfully for so long) the time went so slowly and yet now it is flying! Really doesn’t seem fair. The past couple weeks were a bit of a nightmare. I got sick (for the first time in about 2 years) and despite my efforts to keep my LO well, he caught it :(. It just stared out as a bit of congestion and a minor cough that he slept through so I thought he’d be ok. But, on night 4 he couldn’t sleep and his cough got much worse. He was having terrible coughing fits throughout the night and was so congested. I wasn’t sleeping at all as I was so worried so I just held him upright all night in the recliner. I ended up calling the nurses line at 3am and explained his symptoms and they advised to take him to the doctor in the morning. I called my dr. first thing but she told me to take him to emerg to check his breathing as they were better set up. So at 9am hubby and I went to our local hospital emerg. They got us right in and assessed him. They couldn’t get a true oxygen reading (or so they thought) because they take it on the big toe and he kept wiggling it. He was wheezing so they sent us for a chest X-ray, which I’m sure is a form of baby torture- it was so horrible :(. I cried my eyes out and LO screamed so loudly that my hubby, who had to wait in the hall, almost wanted to bust the door down. His X-ray showed pneumonia in his left lung :(. I felt so horrible. We were sent straight upstairs to Pediatrics for observation. They have LO a puffer and his wheezing improved. The pedayeician came in and said he disintnactuwlly have pneumonia, but bronchialitis, which looks like pneumonia. The ped unit at our local hospital is only an observation unit, so they kept us to keep checking his o2 sats. They wouldn’t go up, they were low 80s and should be 92 at minimum. So he was put on oxygen :(. Because our hospital is only an observation unit, we had to be transferred - via ambulance - to a larger hospital with an acute care peds unit. So, LO had his first ambulance ride. We were in the hospital for 2 nights. Poor little man had to have oxygen for 24 hours. He was such a trooper. Because he was hooked to so many monitors, we were “tethered” to a small 4ft area we couldn’t move from :(. It was so scary (for mommy). His cough is finally gone and his check up on Thursday went well and his lungs were clear. Even though he was hooked up to monitors and oxygen, he decided he’D sit up on his own for the first time at the hospital! And of course, with my luck, I’m fairly certain i ovulated for the first time pp while in the hospital- lol. I had loads of ewcm and the tell tale ovulation pain and bloating that I remember. Of course I wasn’t tracking anything so can’t be sure, I supposed I will know in a week or so if af shows for the first time. I really miss being pregnant this week for some reason! Lol

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Poor baby, and poor mommy and daddy! I hate when they get sick and something like that is soooo scary, good thing you got him there when you did. My husband almost died of pneumonia and his grandpa actually did, so that to us hits too close to home. At least it wasn’t quite pneumonia yet but still....

On a happier note, sounds like Ov to me...I usually notice I ovulate first then get AF. If you are still nursing it may be a bit wacky for a few cycles but then again it may not. My first one my luteal phase was only 7 days! It took a couple cycles to even out and I still don’t think it quite did but I guess it did enough ????

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